December 19, 2012

Borrowed Memories

Rain, thunder,
Clouds and saying goodbye.
Throughout the times, the days
I know now, they were all
borrowed memories.

Someone else's
I lived through their
time and I
borrowed memories.

Fade, away,
Distant, distance,
Disappear without me,
Forget me forever.

I was nothing but a borrowed memory.

December 17, 2012

This is what Hell feels like....

Five more days to go,
And we'll be even. Two weeks in Hell.
I never thought it would hurt this bad,
Never in my wildest dreams,
Have I imagined to be this sad.
How can you move on,
After throwing my world to the whirlwinds?
How could you go
Breaking my heart, like that?
No matter how many times
The words come tumbling out,
And how many times I squeeze
Out the hate, and loathe from within
How can I deny, there was a time
I'd fallen in love.
The joke, the blame everything
Is finally on me now.
And still somehow,
Despite everything and everyone
Saying otherwise,
Stupid heart refuses to listen.
I was fine, I was doing fine.
Till you came back to say goodbye.
Everything buried, everything I thought
Wouldn't haunt me again,
Came back in an avalanche of memories...
How I wish I could turn back time,
And how you'd never would've stopped being mine.
I wonder why you did come back,
To put me through hell? Really?
I'm getting very comfortable here.
Fading away from life.

December 16, 2012

Once Upon A Time

I'm sorry for all the times I made you cry,
Sorry for all the times I didn't try.
Sorry that I made you stop believing in us.
Sorry...that I kept making such a huge fuss.

Once upon a time, no mistakes ago
You found a little girl sitting alone
She was too scared and you held her hand,
And she let herself go too far...

Then the annoying whispers came
The people around her began to sway her
And she didn't realize she could stand her ground,
She didn't know how much not being with you
Would begin to hurt one day.

The day you finally shut the door on her face
Did she realize,
What her heart had told her to do,
But the mind kept screaming lies.

A part of her hates you,
For not coming around sooner...
A part of her will always loathe herself,
For not realizing what she wanted sooner.

She thought that true love would never give up,
That a month apart couldn't really damage
What had taken almost two years to build.
Tell me, did it mean nothing to you?

Last Valentine's day.
Or are you making new plans with some other fey?
I know she broke your heart,
And you probably can't trust her with it again.
But why do you keep forgetting, she's not like the other women?

Or have you fallen head over heels
For someone else,
Who makes you believe your thing is real?

I wonder how many times she's scream
"I'm sorry"
How many more times she will apologize,
How many times do you want her to break,
Before you let her realize the truth...?

You don't want her back, EVER,
Because you have move on.
And a part of her could never believe
You would really be gone.

She's being punished enough,
She's so tired of crying.
So should she still love you
Or should she die trying?

Look at picture,
Embossed and kept safe.
Do you still have your copy?
Or did you delete them?
Like you deleted her, from your life.

Is there any point in hoping,
That one day things will be right?
Or should she quietly fade,
Away in oblivion.

Trust me,
She tried to hate you.
She tried to vent her anger on you.
But being nice to her is only leading her on,
You have to be cruel to be kind.

Tell me that you don't love me,
Tell me you never will again.
Tell me you never loved me,
And I'll say "I'm sorry", and
leave you...again.

I love you.
I don't know why I never said it before.
It's not rocket science,
Just tell me if you love me too.

I could never hate you,
And I'm so tired of being sorry.
Though I know you're probably annoyed with me,
Whatever my mind decides,
My heart won't let you go.

I'm sorry.

Time Stamp

Take a good look at the quote, 
Can you understand what it says?
It is quite simple at the first look -
But deep down inside, is another story.
They never told you the catch in the quote,
The loophole in the prayer;
The unspoken 'time stamp' is always there.

The quote makes me laugh now,
Because the tears simply refuse to come.
And I cackle with the laughter of the maniac 
As my mind swims in the kaleidoscope of memories
Which, surprisingly, never haunted me before.
Because I'd felt too sure,
This would never really end. 
I never thought there would be a 'time stamp' 
When it came to us.

Guess I was wrong.
Even Johnny Depp can be at times.
That's why it is so wrong to pick the second person,
Because they'll only repeat what they do to you now.
The joke would always be on you,
So be cautious and love the person you already have.
Never try to second guess your decisions.
Act on your impulse.
You never know when the 'time stamp' 
Would come to haunt you now, right?

If you really love someone, make sure they know.
Because it is a big mistake to let it all go.
It's a myth: they don't ever come back.
How many times will you let your heart break?
How many times will you cry knowing 
It was never meant to be?

It's better to be with a person who loves you,
Than the one who claims to.
Then turns around and shows you the bloody
'Time Stamp'.

Be wiser now, 
Be smarter now.
The scars of the past
Don't need to haunt the future.
Find the present in your present.
The right person will never, never 
Remind you of the freaking 
'Time Stamp'. 

December 15, 2012

Poem: I Hate You

I hate you with the passion of a thousand burning suns,
And I hate you like I would if I found a vermin under my heels.
You with your little "oh I'm sorry, didn't mean to hurt you" gets me so sad.
It's amazing how one little sentence can get me so mad!
I hate you like the world hates the terrorists,
And I hate you like my cat hates the food we put before him.

Enough with the love poems,
The love songs and the stupid things which we believed
Once upon a time made life so beautiful.
Now we know,
That's just the temporary lapse of sanity.

I hate you now because I used to love you once,
I could see it in your eyes...
"I don't have a girlfriend."
Oh yeah? Shut up, jackass. Don't lie.

I led myself into believing I was a vindictive, horrible person...
And then out of the blue,
I found the courage to tell you the truth.
And now the blame's on you.

So go run and hold your new girlfriend's hand,
While sort through all the things you gave me,
And throw them out of the window.

Remember how I kicked you out of my life?
Well, they can follow you out as well.
Who cares about the past, isn't it?
So everything associated with it can go take a hike.

At least I can sleep in peace now,
Knowing that I hate you.
And you deserve every minute of it!

November 6, 2012

The Last Poem for You

Pages torn from the notebook,
Pages blotted, and pages with faded writing.
The pages of my old book,
So very inviting.

Do you remember when we shared our thoughts?
When our verses came out as replies?
Do you remember, that day, so long ago, when we realized time flies?

Words might have faded, but you remained behind.
Etched deep in my memory.

You left a part of you, when you left in a hurry.
I know, I know.
It was a passing phase and you passed right through.
For I was the fool, who waited awhile for you.

This is the last poem, the last words from me to you.
Smile, for I still remember, long ago, I had loved you.

Thorns with every Rose

I was told to give everything time,
Things have a way of sorting itself out.
I was told to wait and eventually you would fade
From my memory.
But not a day passed when your face
Didn't haunt me.
Not a single one when I remembered
Our days together.
Tell me why, you still like to torture me
By strolling around my head?
We left a lot of things unsaid...
But you should go now.
As far away as possible from me,
Because I need to find myself
New memories.
Time said I would be fine.
Time lied.
I hoped someday you would be mine.
I hoped in vain.
I was told lies and I believed those...
But I remember now,
There are thorns with every rose.

October 19, 2012

Pujo Special: Kate Beckett v/s Riya Mukherjee

I am bored out of my mind. Rather, I was bored out of my mind yesterday, when I was waiting for my sister to finish with her beauty regime at the parlor, I couldn't help thinking about Castle and Arjun - especially about their leading ladies - Kate Beckett and Riya Mukherjee. The more I thought about these two women, the more I realized how different they are from each other. And then I came up with a bullet list:
    Stana Katic as Kate Beckett
  • Kate heads her NYPD unit, Riya is a newbie to field work.
  • Kate is a trigger happy woman, driven by the mystery of her mother's death. Riya is afraid of shooting people, as she is against violence n taking lives.
  • Riya is more about the talk, with all her research knowledge. Kate makes ppl do all the research for her. Riya is part of the team.
  • The real parallel would actually be between Arjun and Kate, and not Riya. As Riya is portrayed as the stereotypical female placed between males *cough*Arjun*cough* with inflated egos.
  • She is an asset to the team, yet no one realizes that. Shree and Chhotu make fun of her realizing she has developed a crush on Arjun. Shree and Chhotu remind me of Espisito and Ryan, though both Espisito and Ryan contribute more to the cases on hand...
Sana Khan as Riya Mukherjee
What annoys me about Riya, after summing up these main points of difference, they show her a someone trying to quote from her research work to help solve the cases. An article once said Riya's character was based on Castle, the one with all the research up his sleeve...even with all her bookish and paper knowledge, Riya cannot hold a candle to Kate.

Perhaps it's wrong on my part to compare Riya with Kate, but I would love to see Riya emerge strong and prove everyone, especially her beloved Arjun Sir, wrong. I know the character is in its developing stages (and there are rumors about Sana Khan being replaced *prays to God for it to be untrue*), I just hope midway through the series, we find as driven a woman as Kate. Riya Mukherjee has a long way to go... But we're all rooting for our desi hot cop.

Note: Due to Sana Khan's asthma problem and wardrobe issues, the character of Riya Mukherjee was killed in the series. I've never been more disappointed in a serial or in an actress.... Sana shouldn't have taken on a project if she couldn't commit to the schedule. *sighs* Nevermind. I'll let this post stay as a tribute to Riya.
RIP Riya Mukherjee. Our desi hot cop.

October 18, 2012

TV Serial Review: Har Yug Mein Ayega Ek Arjun

I have almost no time and patience for Hindi serials but I have to admit the promos for Arjun had my expectations riding high. How did I come across this serial you ask? Well it was during a time I used to watch Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain, at a regular basis. I'd dismissed Arjun to be much like CID, but I was interested when my mother (who likes a crime thriller or two), made me sit with her watch the episode.

It was well into the series, the first episode that I saw, but with a lot of questioning and a few guesswork, I managed to understand that Arjun is about the E.T.F (Emergency Task Force) who work in highly complex cases, which is headed by Sameer Rathore (Behzaad Khan), and consists of Riya Mukherjee (Sana Khan) who is a research expert, Shreekhant "Shree" Sen (Siddhart Sen) the techie, Chandrakant "Chhotu" Patil (Ketan Karande) the commando, and is joined by Arjun Suryakant Raute (Shaleen Malhotra) the team's second-in-command.

Arjun's past is shrouded in mystery, and bits and pieces are offered to the viewers to keep their attention engaged. Arjun's wife, Roshni, had been brutally murdered in front of him and rumors say that Arjun had something to do with her murder...though what is the real truth, the future episodes will tell us.

Aired of Saturday and Sunday, at 8:00pm, Arjun, deals with individual murders on every episode, unless a single case is split into two episodes. At the same time we learn more about Arjun and the E.T.F. It is quite clear that there would be a romantic connection between Arjun and Riya, although till now they've shown nothing but contempt for one another. Towards the last episodes which were aired, Riya has grown to respect Arjun, and Arjun still tells her to go back to the research department because of Riya's inability to shoot when they're on field.

We know almost nothing about Shree, Rathore, and Chhotu's background. Riya's refusal and inability to shoot gained spotlight in a number of episodes. Hopefully in the coming episodes, along with Arjun's past, we will get to learn more about the other E.T.F. members.

In a time when most of the serials on the T.V. are a dud, it is a relief to watch Arjun during the weekends. So, happy watching the serial the next time you tune into StarPlus!

October 16, 2012

Movie Review: Easy A

2010 definitely had brought in a lot of good movies...I can't believe I was actually one year late to finally see a movie as good as Easy A. I'd watched it last year, and I have no idea how I came across this movie in the first place. Easy A is the only movie till date, that I've kept on repeat, without skipping a single scene. It was that good in my opinion. In fact, I decided to pay my own tribute to the movie by making my protagonist, Jasmine, have the very same song as the ring tone, which was a huge part of Easy A: 

I've got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine
I've got a love and I know that it's all mine -

The amazing song by Natasha Beddingfield. What had intrigued me about this movie was the tagline the promotional posters used, "A Comedy about a good girl, a small favor and a BIG rumor." Emma Stone as Olive Pendarghast plays the teenager who has always stayed away from the usual garbage teenagers are up to. Her best friend, Rhiannon (Aly Michalka), has always dominated her and made her do what Rhi wants. But in order to get out of a weekend camping trip, Olive lies to Rhiannon that she has a date with her eder brother's friend, George. 

That was the lie which started it all. Because Rhiannon comes back, demanding exactly what Olive has been up to over the weekend, and assumes she must have "lost her V-card" to George. Unfortunately, this incident is overheard by Mary Ann Bryant (Amanda Bryant), who is called a "stuck up Jesus freak" by her peers. Mary Ann makes it her personal mission to make Olive tread the righteous path and not behave like a skank.

What I liked about the movie is that it deals with the fairly complex relationships teenagers everywhere seem to build up. Easy A is a simple movie wherein a lie is blown out of proportion and the viewers will hang on till the last, in order to figure out how it all ends.

If you're like me, you'd probably watch the IMDB list and find out the goofs and trivias...but let me just tell you that, do not look into the goofs. You'll end up spoiling your own joy at watching the movie.

The cast for the movie was very well chosen with Dan Byrd (I'd not seen this guy after A Cinderella Story), Penn Badgley, Lisa Kudrow, Patricia Clarkson and Sam Tucci, doing justice to all their roles. Especially, Todd (Badgley), who seemed to be there in all of Olive's turning points, without the usual, swooning from a distance drama teen flicks usually have.

The soundtrack too was amazing. Never have I enjoyed my night time movie watching session more. I definitely became Emma Stone's fan, judging by the performance she put forward here. So if you want something to entertain you, and you're looking for witty statuses to put up on facebook, this just might be the movie for you. (This movie has plenty of good dialogues which can be used as statuses.)

October 15, 2012

Book Review: All American Girl - Ready or Not!

Meg Cabot sometimes just doesn't seem to be able to hold her ground. I've loved most of her work, and I've seriously loved all the books (save Underworld) I reviewed the other day. But reading All American Girl 2# Ready or Not, left me a little bewildered.

Samantha Madison had shot to fame when she'd save the President from an assassin. Somehow, in the first book, she lands herself in the White House and falls in love with the First Son, David. But all that is the past. The Sam we get to see in the 2nd book, has dyed her red hair black and is confused because everyone seems to be pressurizing her for something or another.

The President wants her to come to a live MTV chat, to support his cause. His son wants them to Do It. Her art teacher, Susan Boone, seems to think she's ready to take life painting classes. And Sam doesn't seem to be able to cope with half of what is happening in her life.

While I like the awkward Sam, her sister Lucy and the slew of characters Cabot introduces us to, I failed to find the charm The Mediator and The Princess Diaries brought. Samantha falls short of the brilliance I'd felt in the other characters.

Of course, Cabot created the character of Sam in that way. And perhaps a two-novel story doesn't really have much dimensions to explore. But I'll admit, David lacked the kickass quality Jesse possessed or the one Michael had. I couldn't exactly put on my finger on what was it that truly bothered me about All American Girl: Ready or Not.

A part of me actually cannot believe that I blew most of my pocket money on this lousy book. Blowing a whole month's worth of cash on The Mediator, seems like a much better idea to me. (And something I've also done.)

I wish I could tell you at least one good thing about the book. I found the usage of caps lock very annoying, not to mention the peppering of SAT words throughout. Perhaps, this one was for the teenagers. Twenty somethings shouldn't be bothered with such books.

But can you really blame me? Or judging a book by its author? :D Here's hoping the next books from Meg Cabot's pen are going to be far more entertaining reads than this one!

October 14, 2012

Flash Fiction: Sparks Fly

All the wrong things, for all the right reasons
- Soumma Roy Chowdhury 

I couldn't take my eyes off him. No, I really couldn't. A part of me knew I should not be gaping at him, but the other part urged me to let myself go, for once in my life. While I was struggling with my feelings, he looked around and caught me staring at him. He was confused but only for a minute.

"Come join us," he offered. Us. He has said us, not me. I was more depressed than ever now. The truth was sinking in. He was taken. The object of my desire was taken. 

Tahir laughed again, and beckoned me to go join them. I smiled politely back at him, and shook my head. It was Saturday afternoon. One of the rare afternoons I get off from work. And I'd somehow found myself invited to a party my college best friend, Ira, made me come to. Though why I should be there in the first place was beyond me, seeing the host of the party was Ira's childhood friend, Lily. To mock my misery, the whole circle comes back like this: Lily is Tahir's girlfriend. 

Perhaps I'd accepted the invitation to come to Lily's house because I knew Tahir would be here. Perhaps I'd come because I'd nothing better to do on a Saturday. Or maybe, just maybe, I knew this was exactly how close I could ever get to Tahir. Always from a safe distance. 

I'd never added the guy in my social networking circles, nor had I ever asked for his number. But when mutual friends (namely Ira) uploaded pictures, or tagged us both in statuses, that was the time we'd come into social contact. I barely knew the guy. And I felt sure I was in love with him. Which kind of is weird. Because as a twenty four year old, that's the dumbest thing I've ever done. 

"Why aren't you playing cards with the rest of them?" Ira demanded, when she found me sitting alone on the sofa, feeling like fish out of water.

"Ira, do you mind if I called it a day?" I asked, apprehensively, "I really should get back home and -"

"Sulk?" Ira supplied, helpfully, tilting her head to one side, "I think not. Avoiding crushes never did help anyone. You've got to learn to face them."

I gaped at her. How had she even known that I'd developed a crush on Lily's boyfriend? It was wrong, on so many different levels. I looked miserably down at my feet.

"How did you know?" I asked her, quietly.

"Well, because I can see the sparks fly," she smiled at me, and then winked, "Keep faith. Who knows what tomorrow might bring."

I smiled, sort of shakily, back at her. Then I went to Lily's kitchen, in order to see if there's anything edible in the refrigerator. And that's when I stumbled on it. A glimmer of hope for my tomorrow. From the shadows, I heard a very miserable female voice.

"You think that I like pretending anymore? You think that I am okay with the way things are?" 

I edged nearer to the voice. The female seemed to be having hysterics. Then I heard the words, which knocked the wind out of me.

"Do you really think that I am still in love with Tahir, you jackass?"

Lily. It was Lily's voice. I just overheard Lily telling someone, she wasn't in love with Tahir. Poor Tahir. But this, I realized suddenly, was my tomorrow. My heart was doing some kind of somersault. I wondered whether I should go break the news to Ira, and get her to tell Tahir, accidentally-on-purpose. 

But it would be wrong. So horribly wrong of me, to contribute to someone's heartbreak. Because Tahir really did seem to love Lily. I wondered what I ought to do. Then I remembered something, someone had once told me. That you're allowed to do the wrong thing, when it's for the right reason. I braced myself, and walked into the living room, my eyes searching for Ira.

Book v/s Movie Review 1: Beastly

I've read so many versions of Cinderella, and encountered such a lot of Modern Day retelling - that I was actually quite pleased to come across Alex Flynn's Beastly. As can be understood by the title itself, Beastly borrows its storyline from the children's fairytale, The Beauty and The Beast. Only this time, the settings are modern and our protagonists are high school students.

I'd once gone to a bookstore which proudly bore the legend, "Never judge a book by its movie". And I couldn't agree more. I'd ordered this book from flipkart (though I don't even remember how I'd come across it in the first place...must be thanks to the amount of window shopping I do online), and waited impatiently for the book to arrive.

When the book did arrive, I finished it off within two-days. (Yes, I have been able to finish really fat books, really fast thanks to this wonderful talent of speed reading that I have). And I have to say, I was extremely impressed with Beastly. This was the first time I was reading a novel by Alex Flynn, and I didn't know what to expect.

She uses Kyle/Adrian's (the Beast) perspective to narrate the story. This element of the novel, I found particularly intriguing. Most of the teen novels we read these days are narrated from the girl's point of view. It was refreshing to find a story written from the guy's point.

The basic plot of the story goes like this: Kyle has always been very conceited about his looks, and he makes the mistake of insulting a witch in his class. She in turn curses him that unless he finds true love in his hideous form, he is going to look like a beast forever. Kyle, of course, doesn't believe her. But when the curse comes true, he begins to panic and thus begins his quest to find true love...

Wikipedia lists most of the differences between the novel and the movie. But here's one I'd like to point out, somehow I felt Lindy should have been played by a redhead and crooked teeth. Half the point of Kyle falling in love with Lindy, was because she wasn't beautiful. You just cannot bring a very pretty looking brunette, Vanessa Hudgens, into the picture and make her play Lindy's role. It's too much of the artistic liberty.

While Alex Pettyfer did a good job of playing Kyle, Lindy should've been played by an lesser known or new actress. I don't even want to start how the whole Magda-Kendra thing was completely ignored. Wiki claims that the film was "loosely based" on the book. It seems to me, that the only thing common between the movie and the book, is the curse.

The one good thing about the movie was Niel Patrick Harris playing Kyle's blind tutor, Will.

No wonder the copy of Beastly that I've comes with a stamp saying, "Read it, before you see it." How I wish I'd never seen it. I should've been happy and realized that books that get turned into movies, have always been one thing: disappointments.

So the verdict is this: Go get yourself a copy of the book. And forget a movie was ever made.

October 13, 2012

Movie Review: The Art of Getting By

Remember the cute kid from Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Yes, we're talking about the very one who stole your hearts in August Rush. Freddie Highmore is no longer the little kid he had portrayed in those movies...instead he has grown up to star in a high school drama named, The Art of Getting By (2011). The movie had been named Homework initially. At least, that's the name the trailer in youtube is listed under.

The Art of Getting By is the story of a young boy, George (Highmore) who once heard the quote, "We live alone, we die alone. Everything else is just an illusion" and becomes depressed when he realizes he is going to die one day. It makes him draw into his own shell and get labelled as the kid who never does his homework.

The Principal Bill Martin (Blair Underwood) isn't going to have any of that stupidity though. He tries to make George live up to his potential. But George never can finish his homework and hand it in on time. His acquaintance with Sally (Emma Roberts) makes it all the more difficult for him to stay in the comfort of his own shell. She makes him draw out, more than he knows.

Dustin Mason (Michael Angarano) is an ex-student of the school, who initially comes to deliver a talk on his art. But he is as clueless as George feels and the two connect instantly. It is obvious Dustin harbors a soft corner for Sally - the girl who George doesn't realize how much he's come to value and love.

There's isn't much of the good old drama in the movie, and climax isn't as hard hitting as one would like. It is one of those coming-of-age movies, and Freddie Highmore does justice to the character he plays. The boy's transformation from the don't care into the adult accepting responsibility and thinking about the future, has been beautifully done.

The soundtrack of the movie enhances the scenes, and special mention ought to be made of "Winter Lady" by Leonard Cohen.

All in all, The Art of Getting By, is one of the better movies that are offered in the market for the teenagers and young adults. It gives across a good message too: you'll die one day. But that shouldn't make you die everyday!

Movie Review: Beauty and The Briefcase

This was a 2010 Hilary Duff movie. Given I'm a fan of hers and I watch almost everything she's a part of, it came to me as quite a shock when I realized I'd missed out on Beauty and the Briefcase. Rest assured, this movie isn't a modern day rendering of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. No, this movie takes you through the journey of a young woman who finds her calling for writing through the business world. How, you ask?

  Well, Lane Daniels (Hilary Duff) has always dreamed of writing for Cosmo. "The greatest magazine of all times," as she and her friend Joanne (Amanda Walsh) put it. But the assignment Cosmo has in story of Lane isn't all that simple. She has to join the business world in order to find love...and what had started out as a simple article, soon becomes the cover story for Cosmo.

Lane has always been looking for her "magic man", the one who would have all the ten qualities on her checklist. A checklist, Joanne keeps reminding her is insane. She develops a very sweet friendship with her boss Tom (Michael McMillian), and her editor Kate White (Jaime Pressley) is convinced she will hit it off with Seth (Matt Dallas).

 But Lane's search for her "magic man" in the business world is put to a rest when she encounters a British guy, Liam (Chris Carmack) who seems to possess all the qualities Lane had ever wanted....

Is Liam really the "magic man" Lane has been looking for, or is there more to this business of falling in love. While some people would reject this movie on the grounds of it being a little to girlie, Chick Flick is something which sets you at peace with yourself at the end of a tiresome day, and people like me would actually like the movie.

 Definitely a movie to watch when you're down in the dumps and need to be cheered up. For the movie gives you hope: your magic man is definitely out there. You might have overlooked him somehow...

Author Review: Meg Cabot

Rather than my usual way of writing a book review, today I'm going to try something different. I'm going to attempt an author's review. And today I'm going to talk to you about one of my favorite writers: Meg Cabot.

She's universally popular as the author of the Princess Diaries series. But what makes me really love her, is the fact she writes for all ages. Young readers, young adults and even the adults. Meg Cabot has something for absolutely everybody. Initially I thought I'd write a review for every single book of hers that I read, but I decided to combine all those reviews into one post. So, here goes:

1. The Princess Diaries Collection: I'd seen the Disney movie, and let me just say that they'd gone too far sugar coating it. Mia Thermopolis on her fourteenth birthday discovers that she is actually the heir to the throne of Genovia. Her father is very much alive but he is unable to have more children, and that is the reason for him suddenly recognizing Mia as his heir. What follows through the next nine books, after the first one, is the journey Mia makes from being a rather silly and naive girl to a wonderful little woman. It traces her progress, from the time when shes starts out at 14 and turns into an adult, 18, in the last book. Besides all the misadventures Mia has; her one true love, Michael Moscovitz, is always there. Throughout, even she pushes him away. It is hard not to fall in love with a boy like that. Wouldn't you agree? Princess Diaries is what made me a die hard Meg Cabot fan. And I've been that way ever since I blew Rs 1768 buying the boxed set, last year.

2. Avalon High: To be quite honest, this is the first book of Meg Cabot's that I had read. I was watching the video of 'If I die young' by The Band Perry, and they use the book the Lady of Shallot in the video. So I kind of did and google search, one thing led to another and before I knew it, I had watched Avalon High, the Disney Channel Original movie, got sorely disappointed and decided to buy the book. Let me just say even though there's much less action in the book, it makes a lovely read. Elaine has moved with her parents for their sabbatical and is forced to recognize that everyone around her just might be the reincarnation of the characters in Arthur's legend. But what is Elaine's role in the whole story? That is what makes one go on reading the book, turning page after page...and describing cute boys in the lead has always been an added bonus. Originally meant to be a stand-alone novel, Avalon High has been taken forward in Manga style sequels...sequels that I've not yet read.

3. Teen Idol: This book I bought for my friend's birthday and I ended up reading it before she got hold of it. Jen Greenley is everyone's best friend. Her natural ability to solve problems makes her become the school's anonymous counselor, Ask Annie's Annie. Her little world is turned upside down when she is appointed as a personal assistant to Luke Striker, a teenage Hollywood star. Unknown to her, Scott, the school's editor has always harbored feelings for her...and Jen doesn't know that she fully returns them. Would the presence of Luke bring those two closer or are there more problems in store for nice little Jen? That was the basic premise of the book. And it had got me thoroughly engrossed in it, till I turned the last page. Then I breathed deeply. If you like teenage fiction and high school stories, this is just for you.

4. Abandon: I can't really remember what prompted me to get this book. Maybe the cover, or maybe the amount of promotion they were doing for it...nevertheless, I went ahead got a copy. All I can say is, Pierce Oliveria, is one unlucky girl to have escaped the realms of death the way she did. Of course, no one ever gets to come out of their alive... So Pierce's life has never been the same. Thanks to the necklace she now carries around, which John had given her, Pierce attracts trouble wherever she goes. I remember liking this book because it was making a chill run down my spine, and the plot seemed interesting. Meg Cabot's modern take on the myth of Persephone, made me really take notice because it had been one of my favorite legends growing up. Wanting to know how the story would unfold, I pre-ordered the next installment.

5. Underworld: The second book in the Abadon series, was to say the least, a bit of a let down. I think my expectations were a little too high for the second book, after a mind boggling first book. Nevertheless, Cabot was successful in taking the story further. Though I can only imagine how fat the last book in the trilogy would be, if she intends to tie up all the loose ends. Underworld is the story of how Pierce gets away from the realm of the dead and comes back to her world, and once again, mayhem follows her...

6. Mediator Series: It is quite funny that the series I loved best about Meg Cabot, is the one I discovered last. I bought all of the 6 books at one go, and had had a marathon reading session for four days straight. Mediator follows the sixteen year old Susannah Simon, who has the unique ability to see, hear and even feel ghosts! Hot headed and fiery tempered, she gives poor Father Dominic, a fellow mediator and the principal of her new school, regular heart attacks due to her eagerness to kick some ghost butt. Her love interest, Jesse de Silva, happens to be a ghost, who has been haunting her bedroom for the last 150 years...despite all odds, she falls in love with him, and irrevocably so. The six books, with stories of their own, take forward the themes of living with a new step family, of unrequited love, and of course, fate. Mediator is by far one of the best works of Meg Cabot, in my opinion. It's sad the series ended. I would've loved to see what else the Suze could get up to, given that she never did learn to control her temper...even in the end!

Other works of Meg Cabot which I intend to read and review later are:
1. All American Girl Series
2. Airhead trilogy
3. How to be Popular
4. Jinx

Book Review: ToGetHer: Forever & Always With Best Friends

This review, I'd meant to write it a lot earlier. I remember going to Oxford bookstore in March and picking out this particular copy...and I'd finished it in one go. Somehow I couldn't stop reading till I'd closed the book for good.

Forgive me, if I get the names mixed up, because it was months ago that I'd read the story. But the essence of what, writer Ishita Bhown has tried to convey remained with me.

Firstly, it was refreshing break to see that there are girls in the engineering world. The one who are termed, 'beauty with brains'. (Though they like labeling themselves as geeks. But geeks have undergone a whole new revolution thanks to the likes of Seth Cohen and Sheldon Cooper.) Back to the book now, though.

Ayesha comes into the world of engineering, where very predictably, she feels lost and confused. As time goes by, she settles down, makes friends and even gets a goon on her tail. Personally, I would've enjoyed a bit more fights and trouble between Ayesha and the goon. And my favorite character is the boy who is dubbed by Ayesha in the beginning as Mr. Stupid. As time goes by, she comes to realize Rohan is one of her best friends.

The class division is very well portrayed. Even though I come from an Arts background, the split in the class is something I could identify with. It kind of begs a simple question: why can't we all just be friends?

What I loved the most is, Ishita Bhown didn't have to resort to making her heroine go out with one of the boys. The romantic angle is very sweetly worked. And the funny emotions attached with it are aptly described.

If you like a laugh, and if you've belonged to the engineering college, you would find ToGetHer quite an entertaining read. The tag line: best friends are forever, is something all of us can identify with and all of us will remember. College being the special time of our lives...probably the last chance to make good friends.

The language flows easily and Ishita is successful in pulling off the twists with every chapter. She is one of the best writers of this generation, that I've encountered. And I've no hesitation in recommending her book to everyone. It's worth every rupee that will go into it. Cheers!

September 30, 2012

Flash Fiction: Valentines Day

 The taxi went speeding past.

Nearly everyone on the street had to jump out of the way. The taxi driver didn't even bother to look back and see if he'd hurt anyone. If had turned back, he would've seen people shaking their fists at him, using words they'd normally avoid using. He was clinging to the wheel for dear life for he was convinced he'd boarded a crazy woman around ten minutes ago.

His passenger, the woman, was egging him on to go faster for she really need to catch a blue maruti speeding through the crowd, two cars ahead of them.

"Go, go, go!" the woman screamed, "Come on, I'll pay for your damages!"

The taxi driver chose not to point out that the only damage would be if he accidentally hit other cars or worse people. The woman was almost ready to strangle him. She couldn't make him understand how important it was for her to catch that damn blue car!

It was Valentine's Day and Sanchita was determined to profess her love for her college friend, Rohan, to him finally. She thought that if she waited another second he'd get taken by someone else for sure.

The driver of the blue car, Rohan, was oblivious to the fact that he was being followed, so he drove at his own sweet will. He got the shock of his life when the taxi pulled up next to him, and he heard a woman scream his name.

"Rohan! Rohan!"

He turned his head sideways and was surprised to find his old friend from college, Sanchita, practically falling out of the car window. He almost made to pull over, when the window of the passenger seat rolled down. Sanchita's face fell when she recognized the woman sitting at the back.

"Hi, Sanchita," she said, pleasantly.

It was her bitterest enemy from school, Tulip. She'd always managed to steal what Sanchita really wanted. Rohan seemed to be no exception. She couldn't figure out how Tulip managed to snag the guy from right under her nose. This was the most painful Valentine's Day for Sanchita.

She managed a smile and said, "Oh hey, Tulip."

"Do you want me to pull over, ma'am?" asked the taxi driver.

He didn't know much about the three but he could sense that this was a highly uncomfortable situation. Sanchita tore her eyes away from the blue car and said, "No, just drive me home."

She didn't know how her college and school friend crossed each others path. Right now, she couldn't even care. All she could care about was getting back home. Home, where everything would slowly make sense.

September 27, 2012

Flash Fiction: The Ring

He pocketed the ring carefully, with a wry smile. It would be a long time before he reached into his pocket to bring out that ring again. He wondered whether waiting all these years for the right moment, he'd simply missed the bus. 

As he walked away, his childhood sweetheart looked at his back, with tears in her eyes. She had grown tired of waiting for him and had got engaged last week. Her sense of responsibility refused to let her runaway with her childhood sweetheart into the sunset. 

He recalled with much pain, that it had been quite a harassment to get the right ring for her. He laughed as he remembered his own discomfort at having to describe to the shop assistant exactly what kind of a ring he was looking for. He'd finally said, "The kind that professes love."

It had embarrassed him, and now the ring in his pocket seemed to make fun of him. He wished very much he could just throw away the damn thing. But it had cost him a fortune. It deserved a better burial. 

When he got home that day, he found his cousin sitting on his doorstep, looking like a crazy person. When he saw his cousin, he tried to manage a smile. But the cousin got down to business at once. 

"Why didn't you come to my engagement last week?" he demanded. 

It was then he remembered, that he'd forgotten about his cousin's special day. He had been so wrapped up in finding the perfect ring. He apologized for not being there and asked to see a picture of his cousin's bride to-be. The proud cousin happily pulled out his smart phone and showed him a recent photo of himself with his beloved. 

"Oh," said the man, recognizing the face of the woman. It was the same one he'd loved and worshiped all his years. Then he finally managed to smile. 

He pulled out the ring from his pocket and handed it to his cousin. 

"Use this for your wedding," he said, "Consider it a gift from your wayward cousin."

The ring was going to get the perfect burial. It would go to the person it had been destined for. But it wouldn't bear any connection to the one who'd originally got it. It had served its purpose and so had he, he thought, in her life.

September 25, 2012

Flash Fiction: Discovery

Everyone knew that the Babu was hiding something, but Rama didn't think she would stumble into his secret on a quiet Monday morning when the family had gone to visit the temple. She would swear to her friends in the evening that she had found it by accident. But in her heart of hearts, Rama knew she'd been snooping around her employer's house. She had taken full advantage of the fact no one was home that morning. 

She had often wondered what lay beneath the thick mattress of Mr. Chowdhury's bed. Today, she finally discovered it. Upon lifting the mattress, she found herself staring at a photograph. She had wanted to let out a scream, but the muscles in her voice seemed to have contracted. Her eyes had widened with fear yet she couldn't move from her spot, staring at the photograph. It would've been anyone else's instinct to drop the mattress and runaway. But Rama had never been like anyone else. 

With quivering fingers, she picked up the photograph and held it in front of her eyes. Tears stung in her eyes as she recognized the smiling face of the girl in the picture. Rama's whole world was spinning around her, as the memory suppressed over the years sprang back to life in her eyes. 

"Babu! Babu! My daughter is missing. Please help me find her, Babu!"

Those had been her words on that day, so long ago. He had assured her, he would find her daughter. She had believed him. 

Now she knew exactly where her daughter was. For the man, standing next to to the girl, in the picture, laughin at the camera was none other than her employer. He had something to do with her disappearance, he was convinced. She didn't remember their photograph being taken in her presence. She wondered now, rather grimly, exactly what had been going on being her back through all these years. 

September 5, 2012

Movie Review: Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

I might be a little late in reviewing this colorful little story, but it was only yesterday that I managed to wrench out a few hours for myself :)

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya is an unconventional romantic tale, where an unwilling bridesmaid (Genelia D'Souza), forces a wronged rickshaw driver (Ritiesh Deshmukh) to kidnap her! She gives him the idea to demand ransom money from her father. With that money, they would split it and go their separate ways...

Like any other Bollywood story, our hero and heroine begin to fall in love. The day arrives when the ransom money has to deposited...and there comes the new twist in the tale!

Another man comes and kidnaps them both!!!

What follows after this is a hilarious stay at the kidnapper's place, where Mini (D'Souza) is thoroughly enjoying herself and Viren (Deshmukh) is trying his best to escape.

So what happens in the end? Do watch the movie to find out... :))

August 9, 2012

Movie Review: He's Just Not That Into You...Is He?

Yesterday night, tired with studies, tired with book promotion and mostly tired with the mundane college life, I decided to finally watch the movies rotting in my computer for over two months now. I will admit that when I first began watching the movie, I was less than enthusiastic. My best friend had recommended the movie - but our tastes have always been miles apart. Still, while I munched on dinner, I gave this movie a shot.

A Cute Movie with A Nice Message
He's Just Not That Into You, boasts of an ensemble cast with the likes of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connolly, Bradley Cooper, Ginnifer Goodwin, Scarlett Johannson, and Justin Long...all of whom contributed with above average performances. The movie was more character driven than plot driven, and all the characters are connected to each other in a full circle.

At the heart of all the melodrama is Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin), who dissects every single action of every single man she dates, and harbors on almost stalker like attitude. It is with advice from Alex (Justin Long), that she makes changes in her behavior, and it is funny to watch their story unfold...

Gigi's co-workers are Beth (Jennifer Aniston) and Janine (Jennifer Connelly). While Beth wishes to get married to her longtime boyfriend Neil, who is anti-marriage, Janine has coerced her longtime boyfriend to get married to her...but their marriage is far from happy...for her husband, Ben (Bradley Cooper), gets attracted to Anna (Scarlett Johannson).

Anna shares friendly terms with Connor (Kevin Connolly), who had once gone out with Gigi and never called her back. He is also Alex's friend. Her friend, Mary (Drew Barrymore), works at a local gay newspaper, and meets men mostly online...

This movie is about the "happily ever after" every romantic tale has spoken off. And the thing we are told, right from our childhood, that when a boy is mean to you, it is because he likes you... The movie questions why can't we just accept that He's Just Not That Into You.

 What I loved about the movie is the changing relationship between Gigi and Alex. She grows from a naive young woman, hopelessly searching for love, into a woman not afraid to take control over her life. And she certainly puts a wake up call in Alex's direction.

It is a nice movie that one can surely enjoy during their dinner, after a perfectly tiresome day. As we tend to identify with characters, and since there are an assortment to choose from in this movie, I am sure you won't feel you time was wasted after watching it.

Who knows? Maybe you'll really gain insight into how a guy's mind works after all... ;)

June 30, 2012

Book Review: A Lot Can Happen In Just TEN DAYS...

Azharuddin's Ten Days arrived at my door when I had actually not expected it. I saw the ads on facebook and flipkart, and I even remembered catching glimpses of the book here and there. But I had passed on the book, thinking it would definitely not be my cup of tea, since I am sucker for romance novels. Yet being a complete bookworm I couldn't let the opportunity to read Ten Days pass.

Quite frankly, it is the back cover writing of the book which got me interested to know more about Zeeshan (the protagonist). He's not unlike any other angst wrought guy who feels he has been severely wronged. A lot of us dream of going abroad for further studies, Zeeshan was no exception. He leaves behind his family, his love and his life in order to pursue higher studies...what he hadn't bargained for in the process was the horrific experiences lurking in the shadows of his happy dreams.

The story is set around the time of the attacks on Indian students in Australia, where Zeeshan is caught in the carnage Down Under in Australia.

You would think that the author tried to get a lot ahead of himself with this novel and almost write this off as a cliche, but you couldn't be more surprised. The story is more about Zeeshan's self-discovery, with the backdrop of the Australia attacks.

Azharuddin successfully creates an enigma around his protagonist, and the introduction of Amanda Stewart makes the novel a guaranteed page turner. A beautiful relationships blossoms between the two characters and it is almost with heart wrenching agony, we realize it's a love story that will never materialize...

It indeed is a moving tale of unrequited love. If I were to go on talking about it, I would be given away essential plot details...

So all the answers to the questions that might have popped in your head, are in the pages of Ten Days. I would definitely recommend everyone to read this book. Especially those, who like Zeesha dream of going abroad for further studies...

May 31, 2012

Book Review: Love Happens Only Once...Agreed :)

I would spend a lot of time on flipkart, wondering which books to buy. Love Happens Only is just life had caught my attention a lot of times, but somehow I never got around to ordering it. On the second day of my exams, I decided to get the book anyway. I thought in the days which would follow after the tiresome examination, I could always pass time by reading. ^_^ And it turned out be an added bonus that I loved every minute of the story.

It starts off from where most teenagers find their stories,the end of school and the beginning of college. That is always the threshold for us, isn't it? The time when we're busy discovering ourselves, when the first person who touches us deeply becomes our one and only love. The protagonist of this book, Rishi, is no exception. 

He knows that he is a flirt and that doesn't stop him from being a jerk. In fact, he is all set for challenges, and his wild ways in the initial pages of the book, had me in splits. Reality check comes in the form of rejection from the only girl he'd truly loved. What follows is his journey to forget this girl, to completely lose himself in his studies and try to rise above every situation. From helping his friend travel halfway across the country, to helping another rob his landlord, the fun never seems to stop for this guy. 

But one day the fun stops, and he is forced to rethink about his own choices. And someone helps him out. Someone, the reader had clearly not expected to be of any use initially. The book manages to spring a huge surprise and bring a smile to the readers' faces. 

It took me two days to finish the book (mostly because I had spent a good part of the day watching Castle), but it proved to be the two most entertaining days of my life. I've never had more fun reading such a cute love story... 

Another thing worth mention is, how well the author knows the opposite sex :P He captured all their minute details so well... ^_^ Especially pleasing was when he mentions how a woman loves to be loved, and adores to be adored. I hope to see another such pleasing, well written story from this author soon. 

P.S. - This book is worth your every paisa. So stop wondering about it, and go buy it NOW!!! :) Trust me, you won't be disappointed.... 

May 12, 2012

Book Review: Six Acres And A Third

Chha Mana Atha Guntha (Oriya) by Fakir Mohan Senapati

This book belongs to my reading list this year. I'd never thought that something tagged as a 'text book' would give me immense pleasure. I could connect with the characters, I felt their pain, I laughed at the ridiculousness of it all, I chuckled at the narrator's mischievous comments and most of all I finished the book in two days. Granted, I did that more out of obligation, but when you enjoy a book, you don't really care about the time. All you care about is finishing it off as soon as possible.

Six Acres has an unreliable narrator. Those of you who are familiar with Notes On A Scandal would know what is meant by that term. Just like the narrator there couldn't be entirely trusted, neither can you trust the narrator here. Written in the third person, the narrator's voice is going to have you in fits - fits of laughter, of disbelief, and fits of sighing at the fates of the characters.

The vivacious Champa is a heroine like no other, and the hilarious references to Sanskrit slokas would have you in splits. Of course, the story takes an altogether serious turn towards the end. However, it isn't till the end that the grim realities come to the surface to grip us firmly and remind us of the problems one faced during colonialism.

History springs to life in front of our eyes through the work of Fakir Mohan Senapati. He creates a village like no other and we are able to feel the emotions of the characters mentioned in the novel.It is impossible to review this book, without giving away the main plot. (Though some critics argue, that there never was a plot, in the first place.)

If you're in the mood for history with a satirical twist to it, this just might be your cup of tea. Sit back, relax and read this book. Soon you'd understand the mystery behind the novel being named, Six Acres and A Third.

Book Review: "Take One More Chance" ~ Really DO!!!

Remember that I'd mentioned I'd be writing book reviews for whatever books took my fancy, some days back? Well, we found our first book :)

Take One More Chance is about man hunting and arranged marriages, challenging the age old societal norms of a girl having to get married as soon as she turns twenty six.

This book caught my fancy quite awhile back in flipkart. But I had placed an order for it just this past week. It finally arrived parceled yesterday, and I happily began reading the book, not expecting it to be what I can tag it as: a complete laugh riot.

From the beginning to the very end, I didn't put the book down till I knew the conclusion drawn by this extremely talented sixteen year old: Shirya Garg. I know this review is a little late in coming since her book came out in the markets, last March. And it's May 2012 already. I'm actually quite surprised that her book didn't catch my notice before!

The leading pair of Take One More Chance, Naina Kashyap and Aditya Khanna are evenly matched. Right from their sarcastic comments, to their petty fights, to their misunderstandings - you are convinced thoroughly, that opposites do attract. One can feel the crackling Chemistry shared between the two, and Shriya manages to fool you, by adding twists, you hadn't predicted.

Though the ending is predictable, the course of the novel is a journey in itself. From the starting point, Naina strikes one as an individual with twisted sense of humor. Aditya plays his part well, turning up at places you would and wouldn't predict.

The other minor characters too are very vividly described, and one can see the whole drama unfold before their eyes.

The gist of the story is that Naina Kashyap has been order to find herself a suitable boy to settle down with. She begins to go out on dates (as per her best friend, Vandana's wishes) and manages to create hilarious situations everywhere she goes!

When I was reading this book, I was painfully reminded of a song by Stacie Orrico, and I couldn't help smiling to myself:

My Mister Right's probably hanging round my window pane,
While I look through only watching the rain.

And in order to understand what the hell those two lines are supposed to mean, I suggest you get yourself a copy of that book. You wouldn't be disappointed.

P.S. - Yes, there are a couple of grammatical errors, but I don't agree with the reviews which claim the author was completely inspired by Jab We Met. True, there are certain glancing references to the movie and the film's protagonist shares his name with this novel's protagonist. Other than that, I fail to see how the situations have been lifted from the movie. Please enlighten me. :)

May 8, 2012

Some Thoughts About Books

Aristotle in his Poetics had said that a child learns by imitation. I guess that holds true for every aspect of our lives. We everyone around us seem to enjoy reading, we would be tempted to pick up a book every once in awhile. Quite frankly reading habits are encouraged. No child would take up a book on his own, if he doesn't see his parents reading him bed time stories or telling him tales. For my own part, Thakurmar Jhuli (collected Bengali folktales) was a great part of my life when I was younger. My grandmother would tell us the stories. Sadly, she passed away when I was five. I don't think she knew I wanted to be a writer someday, for I came to that decision when I was six years old.

The point of this blog post is not about my career wishes but about books and reading habits as a whole. Really good books are very hard to come by, and even when you do come by them, you are disappointed to learn it didn't do that well in the market. Or it never really gained the popular momentum.

So I thought, besides scribbling things, related to writing, a lone poem, or a stray thought, I would like to give you feedback on some of the books which are generally given amiss. And no - these books won't be the new releases. It might be from my syllabus, it might be out of my syllabus. It could date back to 200 BC, or it could have the foresight into the future. I really don't know.

I'm quite thankful that I pursued Comparative Literature. Because without the help of this subject, I would've lost out on a lot lovely and wonderful books. Because of our unconventional take on literature, we get to learn more.

To all those who believe we study superficially...all I can is, well - 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.'

April 20, 2012

Just Another Love Story


Listen to the tears falling on the marble floor,
Listen to the sound (wham!) of the shutting door.
My love shall always cure
Your deceased heart!
My soul shall suffer for you
That poisonous dart!
Me sharing your pain is nothing new;
But only if you could understand how much I love you!


But if only you could realize
The pain behind these eyes
This girl's heart knows not love except for her friends.
She tried to love someone before
But she found that was where happiness ends.
Try to read her heart, and not her mind
Only confusion and bitterness you will find
Though she loves you a lot and cares for you,
Her heart will never be true!


I understand every bit of your soul
But I suffer from the pain!
Which is created by this black hole!
I want to live life
But it seems,
You're stabbing it with your problem's knife!
No matter how much I try,
You'll always make me cry!


She doesn't want to see you cry
Or watch you die,
Tell her how she can help you
Real friends in this world are few...
I don't want you to give up on life,
Because of me,
This isn't the way to be free!