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Short Story: The Strangest Thing

The Strangest Thing -Aniesha Brahma
Strange things have happened, but seldom does it happen.
Henry Bliss Roshni had waited patiently all night for Dev to wake up. She had been delighted at how effortless it had been to sneak into his room. It was their anniversary of being together for a year today and the first thing she wanted him to see in the morning was her face. She stole impatient glances at the watch on his bedside table. “I wonder if the boy ever cleans up his room,” she thought to herself, eyeing the cluttered table. Everything had been placed pell-mell on it. His bed was placed at the center of his room, overlooking a jumbo sized window. Everything looked cheerful and nice to Roshni. “Oh just wake up, already,” she groaned. But Dev slept on, oblivious to his girlfriend’s presence. When the Sun rose, the first rays fell across Dev’s room, and rested on his face. He stirred a little, and Roshni immediately jumped up from her perch. “Happy Anniversary, dear!” she shouted joyf…

Musing: Initial Days at Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation The landing page on my blog and the About Aniesha page would tell you that in my spare time I'm currently volunteering for the NGO, Hope Foundation. 
I came to know that they were taking in interns from my friend, Swati Bhattacharya, right after we'd finished our Masters. I'd already spent a solid month at home - whiling away time, wishing I could keep my self declared holiday a bit longer. 
It was during the break month of June, that I became very interested in revamping my blog, and writing blog posts almost daily. I even signed up to be a part of a blogging team that called itself Coup D'East....I was trying to make myself as busy as I could possibly be.
Anyway - I'm digressing from what I initially set out to write. I decided to apply for an internship with Hope Foundation as well. When I went there, however, it turned out I would need a letter of reference in order to intern there. I told the very nice lady at the desk that I couldn't possi…

Short Story: Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars -Aniesha Brahma “Predictions can be very difficult – especially about the future.” - Neils Bohr
Monday, 8:05am
Kalighat Metro Station

Arushi waited for the metro, stifling a yawn. Nothing interesting was going to happen today, she thought. Work was boring. The only reason she’d even decided to become a content developer for a private company was to stop her relatives from asking her, “So…you’re done with Masters. What next?” How she longed to tell them she was planning to take a year off and finish writing her novel…but she knew she’d never have lived down the family scandal had she really let slip her true intentions. Besides, Arushi reasoned with her very tired mind, she needed the money.
Rabindra Sarobor Metro Station

Naveen was standing slouched against one of those pillars in the metro station. He could never understand why he never was on time for the damn train. He was either ten minutes early or ten minutes too late. He had once even tried using the …