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Don't Cry At My Funeral

Don't Cry At My Funeral

I have a request, of everyone of you
I want you to promise me something
Swear on me that no matter whatever you do
You won't cry at my funeral.....

I can't imagine leaving behind this world
With the ones I'm closest to crying their eyes out
Mourning over the loss of just another girl
'Cause I won't be able to stop any one of you

I'd rather, people smile upon me
And cover me with beautiful flowers
I'd rather, they say 'I'm glad she's finally free'
And gently caress my head and bid me farewell

If you cry when I'm to be taken to better place
Be warned, I'll look upon you indignantly
I'll lose all that you loved in me: my grace
I won't be happy wherever God may send me

Sometimes, I sit and wonder why
Why would any one cry for me?
Cause the one I love always has to die....
There never will be anyone who actually would feel lost.......

Was I Right?

Was I Right?

Was I really waiting for the Prince coming to me?
Was I really hoping for my happily ever after
Or was I only dreaming again???

Did I really take a wrong decision?
Or was I right?

Right to quit waiting for someone;
Someone I thought I was so in love with
For whom I spent so many sleepless nights...

I helped him through thick and thin
Through trouble and pain....

Did I do something wrong again?

My beloved, for whom I had the truest heart
For whom I could have done anything...
Why didn't you say something at the start?

He loved me silently, and he made me wait
Never crossed his mind this thought:

I'm a hopeless romantic, with notions of love
That runs real deep

The last chance is gone, into the shadows
The last hope to be together has faded away
But what remains of my feelings....

Those remains still hurt

It hurts most...because we were so very close
And we had so much that we wanted to say
But....I let you walk away

I will never come to know
What could have been...


To Whom Shall I Complain?

To Whom Shall I Complain
~the poem~

I always thought that life would take it's own course
I always knew what would come after this
I never had to try hard, never used much force
I never thought there'd be anything I'll really miss

I don't know what really happened inbetween
And I try to figure why I've fallen,but in vain
I really don't know how I should come clean
Cause I don't know, to whom shall I complain

I never had the time to care about what I own
Never thought it'd be stolen away
Didn't realize that one fine day it'd be gone
I realized this: nothing in this world stays

I can't think, I can't breathe, I can't win
It's like I'm caught in torrents of heavy rain
I really don't know how I should come clean
Cause I really don't know, to whom shall I complain

I never learnt to value what I have right now
No one ever told me things are now or never
No one told me I'd end up losing all I have somehow
I learnt it late, but it's true:…

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