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Musings: Ever After

Life is not a fairytale. If you happen to lose a shoe at midnight, you’re not Cinderella.  You’re drunk. Anonymous

We grow up with these ridiculous notions of how a Prince Charming is on his way over to you on his shiny white horse. We grow up reading about how Cinderella lost a shoe at midnight, how Beauty was kissed awake from eternal slumber and immediately fell in love with her rescuer. About how Rapunzel falls in love with the only man she’s ever met locked up in the tower. Let’s not get into how the fairytales that we grew up reading were watered down versions of the originals. Let’s just focus on the fact that we grew up on what we believed to be happily ever after wrapped with a bow.
And isn’t it such a rude awakening when you realize that all those fairy tales you grew up reading and believing in, none of them, not even one is ever going to come true?
You could be reading this article of mine and rolling your eyes saying, “Well, sometimes fairytales do come true.” Well, I am gl…

10 Struggles of being in a Long Distance Relationship (Especially when you're a Virgo)!

A Virgo tends to overthink and over analyze everything.
Imagine what it is like for them to be in a long distance relationship! 😊

1. You never quite know when to call! 😫

And when you do call, he's being a smart ass! 😥

2. You tend to overthink every single text message. (Because let's face it, texts can be easily misinterpreted.)

3. But you have no trouble pouring your heart out in e-mails.

4. You would stay up (all night even) if they say they would call.

5. You will actually wake up from your beauty sleep to talk to them even at 4 am.

6. But they might sleep off while talking to you.

7. You miss them but you understand some times there's really nothing you can do about it. 

8. You're constantly checking flight prices and calculating when you'd see each other again! 

9. "Major Missing Happening" is no longer just a phrase for you. 

10. But despite everything, you know every bit of the struggle is worth it when you see them!