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Musing: "I have a pen, ooohhh I must be a writer!"

Acquaintance: Oh, anyone can write. 
Me: Hmm.
Acquaintance: I mean it's nothing much trouble, right? 
Me: Oh, really? *wondering whether to throw the Wren and Martin at her*
Acquaintance: It's something people can do. Talent does not count.
Me: I think I am going to go now. *and mentally kill you around fifty times in my head*

And that my friend, is the sad reality of the Indian publishing world. Publishers don't seem to be looking for talent. They seem to be looking for stories which "sell". So pot boiling masala mixes which have grammatical errors that will make any Grammar Nazi cringe every two seconds, are what you are going to find in the "Indian Bestseller" and "Indian Quick Reads" section. 
And you will go, "If that can get published, why wouldn't I?"
Sad reality is: one simply does not get published with the drop of a hat.
I am used to rejection letters. I have been receiving them since I was fourteen years old and began appro…