Chai & Chill

Jash Vatsaraj

I really enjoyed being a part of Chai and Chill and the format of the interview and concept made it very easy and relaxed for me. It was an unknown setting and the topic was new for me too, but it worked out well. Great job all around.

Anumita Ghosh

It is important to hear yourself aloud. Hear your achievements and celebrate them! Hear yourself acknowledge them. Chai & Chill gives you a platform to do exactly that. Also goes without saying that Aniesha knows how to make you at ease and create a safe space for you to open up!

Season 3

Neelam Bangar 

I thought having known Aniesha for a while would shoo away my camera shyness but as soon as she started recording, I started to panic. Trust her to make the conversation so comfortable, you forget you're being recorded at all. The questions were simple, the answers came to me naturally. It was all fun, candid, easy and comfortable. Keep doing what you do for yourself and for others. It is such a nice initiative, a warm gesture that she does via Chai & Chill. Who wouldn't want to chat away with such an amazing person and host? It was a pleasure being a part of Season 3. Loads of love and best wishes.


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