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Musings: The Simplest Thing

Sometimes the hardest things are the simplest of them all. How hard would it be to admit you like someone? How hard would it be to just walk up to someone and tell them, I think you're truly awesome? 
I never had any faith in Secret Santa or Secret Valentine's. But I am beginning to change my mind. You see, we are too quick to jump to conclusions about even ourselves. Sometimes a kind word can save a life. And you never know what someone might need to hear right at the moment. Isn't it? 
I personally think there should be a secret appreciation note exchange every month. And not through malicious apps like the Sahara or Whisper App. But a truly special handwritten note that talks about how amazing someone you feel is. 
Too often we meet people who smile at us on the surface, but you can tell they're breaking from inside. And it doesn't help to walk up them and give them a hug. It often triggers them instead of helping them. The best thing to do would be to slip in thos…

Musing: The Mumbai Journal – THE MOVE

“You can recreate yourself as many times as there are cities in this world. I think that is the reason we all love to travel.”

For someone who has lived in one city all her life, moving into another city becomes a big deal. For someone who is used to shifting cities, never owning a permanent address and keeps following their whim – after a while things tend to blend together. That’s when they begin feeling trapped even in their wildest of journeys, and year for something other than the wanderlust. I don’t pretend to be called by the sea, the ocean or the mountains. But I like travelling. However the thought of leaving my comfort zone wasn’t one that I was prepared for.
You see while I had always wanted to live on my own in a new city, some part of me did not agree with the notion. So even when things would go smoothly and, and I would be on the verge of receiving word of moving into a new city – things would fall apart. It was always disappointment intertwined with the tiniest bit of…