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Dreaming of Tomorrow

We had lived in hopes of coming
across a better tomorrow...
Whenever we wanted to give up;
We told ourselves to hold on
Even now, when all seems hopeless
The last wish is wasted
The last dream is gone...

Why does my heart still want to belong
To those broken dreams,
Those colourless times...

When all had told us things would go better
with time?

Why does the heart always rule over
our mind...?

The broken pieces still believe with all its might -
The dream's not over;
the hope still lingers

Maybe shadowy...

But it still is all mine -
Born from the pieces of my broken heart...


Why do people say that time will heal us?
When with time, the wounds don't heal
The scars of the past only get etched deeper...
Why is it that the people fool themselves
By saying things will fall into place with time
'Time' - an extremely relative term it is
It only puts a veil over what's real
A barrier between what's true and what you have lost in the past
It puts a beautiful curtain on all that hurts
A fake world to live in
That is what time offers;
Lies to live with
and a person you cannot recognize
But who shares your name...
Time will bring before you all that.
Can it ever truly make you forget
All that you deeply desired,
All which your heart craved
No, it does not bring relief
And no, it never can heal us...

Never Me In A Million Years

He stood in the doorway,
Final words echoing
In the wind,
"Me or your friend, my beloved?"He asks me to make a choice,
Between himself
And my best friend -
"Answer me fast, I can't stay for long."I'm tongue-tied,
No words escape my lips
I'm silent -
Nothing comes forth as my answerHow could I choose between
The two-sides of the same coin?
The two sweet pieces,
Of my heart?When I first met him,
No such thought had crossed
My mind -
That one day I'd have to choose one...When I began to fall in love,
I hadn't bargained to fall out of friendship...
The thought had never come
And now I realize: never in a million yearsI'd never thought,
This situation would come forth
Sudden words emerge from my lips
"I want neither of you, my love"If, I have to choose between
Friendship and love,
God and mother...
I'd rather stay alone...forever and a day.