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The music starts,
We come forward
and I smile
As you take a bow...

Taking my hand,
You lead my through the dance floor
We glide along with the beat
Music fills up my soul

One beat faster,
The band plays on...
You twirl me around,
Me holding fast to your fingers

I can't keep the beat,
And nearly fall over you...
I look into those eyes of yours,
But your face I cannot see

Concealed it is,
behind that mask
for we are dancing
At a masquerade.

The music becomes faster again,
I swim in confusion...
And then it slows down once more
What's going on?

My feet moves in spite of me,
You are the one in control
I look deeper into your eyes
But the gets in the way

The music stops suddenly.
I'm gasping for breath, keep staring at you...
My hands stretch out
Just to unmask you

Yet, as if on cue
The music starts...
That part of the dance
When you switch partners

I can only stare
As you gracefully give me away
To another masked man
I keep looking at you

How you glide
With that same self possession
With your ne…

Love Story

They were classmates,
They were friends...
Spoke to eachother through messages,
phone calls, internet chats
Nights on end.....

Poured eachothers souls
Unto their own hearts
....Poor children didn't know
Where deep affection starts...

More than a few weeks,
But less than one year
The children felt the truth,
But it only brought them fear.

For you see,
Even though they were holding hands at night
He had a girlfriend, she had someone else
And they knew this wasn't right.

However love is love,
It cannot be ignored.
And when love comes unconditionally,
It cannot be controlled.

It is the sweetest emotion
Which the children couldn't hide
But to confess it, say it aloud
Would hurt their pride...

They knew their was something
Special they saw
But they also knew
It was against the law...

With time, however, emotions grew
The feelings couldn't be held in
They gazed into each others eyes
And knew it was just the beginning

She wondered if going away
Would do them any good
But he knew it woul…

Why Is Life Such A Bore?

This question sparked a poem from my friend:

Life is a pit,
Where you land up
Right after you are born
And no one seems to help a bit...

Salvation is all the way up...
And the clime ain't easy
All the fights and the other woes,
Makes you confused and dizzy...

Someone uses you
And you do the same,
Practically no end to this blame game...
And the best is,
It's all done in
God's name...

To this I replied:

Yet life would be beautiful,
If God's children learnt to be dutiful,
The tragedy of birth,
Can only become the reason for mirth,
If people purify their heart...
But they don't know, where to start.


Don't ask me to be strong
Don't tell me what I'm doing is wrong,
Let me cry....

I remember the words
of the song I used to sing
Don't remind me,
What I tricked myself into believing.

Don't tell me
"Crying ain't good"
I wouldn't have cried,
I would've been laughing;
Had I only understood....

Let me be the kid
Afraid of the dark,
Let me be the girl
with the broken heart,
Let me cry....

{On reading this, a friend of mine wrote something really sweet for me. It is a continuation of the poem "Tonight"; but this time it speaks of the positive side of life}

I grant thee the wish...
To become the sea fish
To become the free wings...
And snap the guiding strings!

Lose yourself in the deep blue ocean...
And burst out of imprisoned suffocation!

Measure the limitless skies...
And forget all of life's lows and highs...

It's your time
To sing the song of freedom,
It's your ti…

Our Song

I had written you a song,
But I tore up the page,
And let the pieces get blown away...
Somewhere far from me.

Don't remember what it said
Can't recall the words I wrote
And I really don't care
They are just pieces of paper,
Blown away by the wind

When I wrote it,
I was moved with emotion
When I read it,
I began to cry...

What good it do to you?
You never cared, you only lied

The song,
Our song,
Are now the thousand winds that blow

Broken hearts, broken smiles,
broken dreams,
A world where reality rises above all
Laughter is fake,
Happiness but a dream...

I had tried to change all that
Thought it could all...change...
The power of a song
But...I was wrong

I never got a chance
To give you the song
You stole my heart, you broke it
But you're not sorry
I know it.

No use asking me
Where the song I wrote
Is now...

I tore it up,
And offered it to the winds
Don't know what the words were
But they are scattered in a million pieces
All around me.

A Rare Moment

It's one of those rare moments,
It's one of those uncommon times,
When I need to switch off my phone
And reflect on the broken life that is mine.

The laughter that echoes around me
With some pain is always entwined
But I manage to put a wonderful curtain over it
And keep that emotion unconditionally mine.

I need to keep quiet and feel the silence
And in the quietness my heart beings to speak
And for a moment, this pillar of strength to other
Becomes just too weak.

No one can understand this feeling,
No one will realize I sometimes fake it
And I laugh too much, burying the sorrow
And I tell myself I'll make it

There are people in this world, dearer to me
And close to my heart - my friends
I just know if one of them calls me up
That time this pain will end.

Oh may be not forever,
But for just now
And that little moment
Will pull me through somehow.

So the momen'ts passed
And so has gone that rare time
I switch my phone back on,
And shut the door over the broken life of mine.


And so I listen,
To the worries of the troubled hearts
I cradle God's children in my arms
I comfort them, make them feel loved
Make sure they stay away from harm

And so I listen,
To sweethearts baring their souls to me
I speak to them in a soothing voice
I reason with them, I scold them
And tell them everyone has a choice

And so I listen,
To everyone who calls me up
And pour their hearts out to me
I try to cheer them up, as much as I can
I set their troubled minds free

But as I listen,
I wonder if the person on the other end
Can tell that I wear a fake smile
That I'm being to them a very good friend
And to heal my broken heart will take awhile

As I listen,
I keep asking myself, wondering how
I got so good at pretending I am fine
But now I know why I have become this
And there is really no use crying

I used to listen,
To all the bullshit that you said
I listened to all the lies
I believe you when you said we'd be together
Happy ever after, but then love dies

I had listened,
To all th…

Stranger In The Mirror

A stranger in the mirror
That's who I can see
When I look at the reflection
Staring back at me
A stranger to myself
I have nowhere to go
Trying to runaway
'Cause I don't want to know
What happened back there
Or the memories from my past
That haunt me all day long
And time just flies too fast

I remain a stranger
Staring at myself
Opening my mouth
To try and shout for help
No sound comes out
I'm caught in a web of lies
In so deep;
That the fire of happiness dies
A stranger in the mirror
That's all that's left of me
A girl who's my reflection
That's all that I can see

bEAuTiful StRanGeR

The crush, the innocent love
The special feeling
The little attention
that I thought was mine
The special treatment
which I believed
was for me
'twas mere

The loving stares, the sweet glares
The sweet greeting
The smiles we exchanged
The way you looked at me
The hellos screamed
The way it was
all done

Nothing more to me
Than just a mere folly
The stupid blunder
of my naive heart
If I was only to be pained
If all I get is hurt
Why did all this,
All this have to

True Love Crumbles

Cool breeze blows against my face,
As I sit and wonder
About life...

It was many a month ago
My fairytale had begun
And for so many months
I thought it was all fun

When suddenly from the north
Arose that thundering tempest
Which wiped out memories,
memories not even the best!

How love crumbles
Before all the lies
How faith vanishes
and happiness dies

In the light of the bitter thoughts
The joy did disappear
And from the pieces of a broken dream
There was born fear

Fear led to the breaking apart
Lovers lost in the dark
No one to come and save you
When the soul doth embark

How love crumbles
Before all the lies
How faith vanishes
and happiness dies...

Cool breeze blows against my face,
As I sit and wonder
How my life ended up this way...