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Musing: "Be Still, My Broken Heart"

"Death does not happen to you, Lydia. Death happens to all those around you, who are left trying to figure out how to get on with their lives without you in it." - Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf
I have faced death from close proximity a number of times. Either my heart was too numb or I was too young to realize what Death really is about. A person you love with all your heart simply ceases to exist.One minute they're there - the next not. And I guess that's what made me extremely wary of people who are there one day and disappear down the rabbit hole the next.
But this blog post doesn't deal with that. It deals with the fact, I have to get up from bed every morning, still chase the same dreams I was yesterday and pretend to move on in life, when my head still screams at me, "You should've tried harder. You should've looked more. It's all you. You're to blame. You and You Alone."
Last morning, all three kittens had gone for their morning stro…