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Musings: How to Heal Yourself with Words

For a person who has always liked planning exit strategies, who doesn’t like investing time and effort into things or people – there has been one thing that has been a constant throughout her life: words. Words, whether they came in the form of stories or books, or whether they have come in form of my own writing, have always comforted me.
Imagine my happiness when the new revolution began and Spoken Word Poetry became a huge success! So, if you are going through heartbreak and you would like to listen to something that gives you hope instead of listening songs/instrumentals on loop, here are the top five spoken word poetry that I always go back to:
Repetition by Phil Kaye
Favourite Lines: I work with words all day Shut up, I know the irony! When I was young, I was taught that the trick to dominating language was breaking it down Convincing it that it was worthless I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you; See, nothing.
Postcards by Sarah Kay