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Book Review: Love Happens Only Once...Agreed :)

I would spend a lot of time on flipkart, wondering which books to buy. Love Happens Only is just life had caught my attention a lot of times, but somehow I never got around to ordering it. On the second day of my exams, I decided to get the book anyway. I thought in the days which would follow after the tiresome examination, I could always pass time by reading. ^_^ And it turned out be an added bonus that I loved every minute of the story.

It starts off from where most teenagers find their stories,the end of school and the beginning of college. That is always the threshold for us, isn't it? The time when we're busy discovering ourselves, when the first person who touches us deeply becomes our one and only love. The protagonist of this book, Rishi, is no exception. 
He knows that he is a flirt and that doesn't stop him from being a jerk. In fact, he is all set for challenges, and his wild ways in the initial pages of the book, had me in splits. Reality check comes…

Book Review: Six Acres And A Third

Chha Mana Atha Guntha (Oriya) by Fakir Mohan Senapati

This book belongs to my reading list this year. I'd never thought that something tagged as a 'text book' would give me immense pleasure. I could connect with the characters, I felt their pain, I laughed at the ridiculousness of it all, I chuckled at the narrator's mischievous comments and most of all I finished the book in two days. Granted, I did that more out of obligation, but when you enjoy a book, you don't really care about the time. All you care about is finishing it off as soon as possible.

Six Acres has an unreliable narrator. Those of you who are familiar with Notes On A Scandal would know what is meant by that term. Just like the narrator there couldn't be entirely trusted, neither can you trust the narrator here. Written in the third person, the narrator's voice is going to have you in fits - fits of laughter, of disbelief, and fits of sighing at the fates of the characters.

The vivacious Champa…

Book Review: "Take One More Chance" ~ Really DO!!!

Remember that I'd mentioned I'd be writing book reviews for whatever books took my fancy, some days back? Well, we found our first book :)

Take One More Chance is about man hunting and arranged marriages, challenging the age old societal norms of a girl having to get married as soon as she turns twenty six.

This book caught my fancy quite awhile back in flipkart. But I had placed an order for it just this past week. It finally arrived parceled yesterday, and I happily began reading the book, not expecting it to be what I can tag it as: a complete laugh riot.

From the beginning to the very end, I didn't put the book down till I knew the conclusion drawn by this extremely talented sixteen year old: Shirya Garg. I know this review is a little late in coming since her book came out in the markets, last March. And it's May 2012 already. I'm actually quite surprised that her book didn't catch my notice before!

The leading pair of Take One More Chance, Naina Kashyap and A…

Some Thoughts About Books

Aristotle in his Poetics had said that a child learns by imitation. I guess that holds true for every aspect of our lives. We everyone around us seem to enjoy reading, we would be tempted to pick up a book every once in awhile. Quite frankly reading habits are encouraged. No child would take up a book on his own, if he doesn't see his parents reading him bed time stories or telling him tales. For my own part, Thakurmar Jhuli (collected Bengali folktales) was a great part of my life when I was younger. My grandmother would tell us the stories. Sadly, she passed away when I was five. I don't think she knew I wanted to be a writer someday, for I came to that decision when I was six years old.

The point of this blog post is not about my career wishes but about books and reading habits as a whole. Really good books are very hard to come by, and even when you do come by them, you are disappointed to learn it didn't do that well in the market. Or it never really gained the popular…