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Musings: Constants

I might be known as the person who constantly thinks about people about leaving. As the person who believes everything in life being temporary – after all, aren’t we all waiting for the next best thing? In a world where the only constant is change, how do you find your people? How do you find your tribe? How do you find the people who vibe well with you? Who not only put up with but celebrate your crazy? Figure out ways to keep your crazy in control? How do you find your true soul mates in this world of 7.5 billion people?
Honestly, there is no easy answer for this. The one easy thing about this rather complicated question is that soul mate does not necessarily have to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. As one of my constants recently pointed out to me, soul mates can be your best friends too. Friends you share completely platonic relationships with.
I got lucky that I found my tribe in college. Literally on the first day of college, I met my mother’s namesake. Our friendship…

Musings: Endless Cups of Tea

There is no problem in the world that tea cannot fix.” – Anonymous
Anyone who knows me surely knows three things about me: I love reading, I love cats and I am in love with tea. When I first moved to Mumbai, I lived with my cousins who were equally addicted to tea as I was. We would take turns in making tea the first one and half months I lived with them. My office thankfully has a canteen that has an endless supply of tea. All my life, I have lived in a house where tea time was considered sacred.
The breakfast tea, the midmorning tea, the evening tea and the late evening tea – all the four times were equally special to us. I have jokingly referred to myself as a tea addict on countless occasions. But it wasn’t until this morning, as the train chugged along the Western Line, that I realized why my fondness and love for tea has grown ten-fold since the time I first set foot into my apartment. It wasn’t the tea that I was in love with at all. It was everything the cup of tea represente…

Musings: Everything Left Unsaid

“If you don’t like where you are right now, just move. You’re not a tree.” – Anonymous

When I first came across this quote I thought it really resonated with my soul. Of course, we are not trees. If you disagree with how things are in our lives at the moment, we can actually make the effort to make a change. We are not bound by anything to stay. Except…our word, our promises and sometimes, we act out of self-preservation, and just stay when we truly want to go.
Believe me, in the last month, I have heard the phrase, “Just move on” so many times that it will probably put Fasttrack to shame! Why are we human beings like this? Why do we find it easier to just go, to just move on? Why can’t we ever figure out a way to make things work? Is it that easy to abandon everything in the moment? What happens after the moment passes?
I have often been dubbed as the person who tries to make a bad thing work. Even when things should be left as is, I try to make things work. But in the last few years,…

Musings: People Always Leave

When I first started watching One Tree Hill a dialogue that Peyton Sawyer kept saying like a constant refrain got stuck in my head – people always leave. She even had artwork dedicated to this particular phrase of hers. While she later on believed that people always leave but sometimes they come back, I have grown darker in the way I look at people. I cannot seem to get out of thinking that people do always leave.
I wrote an article last year talking about the people who stay. They stay despite your heartbreak, despite your psychotic outbursts. They are the ones who hold your hand through the fire and the ones who believe in you even when you forget to believe in yourself. They are the people who remind you that you are amazing when you cease to believe it yourself. Finding your constant in a world where people are always leaving is difficult. Props to those of us who have managed to find them. But, I am discovering it is easier to find the people who leave than the ones who stay.