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Musings: Kindness

I know I haven’t blogged for the longest time and I owe it to those you who check in here on a regular basis at least an explanation as to what happened. Besides the fact that I was struggling to find a balance between work and life, shifting into a new city and being completely on my own – the other reason would be my continued tryst with mental health.
You know before I moved, my therapist gave the most valuable piece of advice. She told me that was it was completely okay to break down at times and not be okay. She said we are so focused on getting past our issues that we never stop to think what might be the root cause of it. I remember when I had been dragged to see her. I was so annoyed with everyone in my life. It took me a long time to understand that therapy was not a bad thing and not as big a taboo as everyone made it out to be. I remember talking to a friend whose younger brother was going through a tough time. When I recommend she take him to see a therapist, she all but s…