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Poem: The Other Side of the Story

 I said, "Leave," but all I really want is you
To stand outside my window, throwing pebbles, screaming, "I'm in love with you."
- Taylor Swift 

A lonely, quite afternoon. So very perfect for loners and writers, like me. But when mind draws a blank,  I go back to our old conversations and then I see... The Other Side of the Story.
In a blame game,  When the first hour struck  and I said this isn't my luck... And I shut the door behind me  But I never stopped to even look, At the other side of the story.
On the side where you'd stayed,  When I had screamed  And no one really heard what I was saying They just assumed the words, And right then, I watched everything fade.
Voices rose out from clouds of dust, You watched in confusion,  From the other side of the story. And back then, I admit it now, I forgot.
This afternoon, and last night, When I read the words we'd told each other, The old times flashed before my eyes  I finally understood,  Why you had bee…

Poem: This Doesn't Feel Like Goodbye


Poem: Dear Sparsh...


Poem: Bright Eyes

Twenty three,  And so much now they know. Smiling eyes to the world. But a handful still see the pain,  the quiet sorrow. The suffering. The part which obstinately refuses  to admit that anything is wrong.  They light up and smile,  And they look for reasons to laugh about. Hiding the secrets,  Burying the truth behind all the lies.
In a dark world,  Where in the light of the candles, The shadows begin their dance. When everyone else is fast asleep,  They fall into a trance. Those beautiful eyes...
And then thoughts of a long forgotten dream, A hope held onto for a long time, Steals into the mind. And they light up... They begin to dream, lost sweetly  In another world.
Till awoken rather cruelly,  In this land. Land of memories. Where they're bound,  Even when they want to just  let it all go. 
Beautiful eyes, They still dream plenty. And yet, the truth,  they still know.

Please, Say You're There?

I wish I knew the words your heart
Would like to hear,
One that the mind wouldn't overrule
As being filled with stupidity.

I wish I knew the promises you
Want from me now,
Because not having your around
Is killing me slowly.

Honestly, I don't know
What to make of this confusion.
I want you because I've fallen
Madly in love with you.

I only wish you could see that.
I wish you would fall in love
With me again.

Is it all that hard to believe
In second chances?

Note: Originally written on 26.12.2012, Darjeeling.