Poem: This Doesn't Feel Like Goodbye

A long time ago, it seems now that you came
Held out your hand
Guided my wandering spirit
Out of the darkness it was clouded by.
You showed me the sun still bursts out
When we think it will rain
And though it has been many days since;
It never felt like goodbye.

I have been so lost,
Trying to find my way around
But you found me when I was in despair
You saved me from destroying
Myself all over again
You were my hero
In more ways than one
And I never thought we would say goodbye.

I know I pushed you away
For I grew tired of
being kept waiting,
I grew so tired of the wagging

And though you held me for the
last time;
and kissed me goodbye forever more
This sure doesn’t feel like goodbye.
It feels like we’re waiting around,
Bidding our time
For it to be all right again.

It sure as hell doesn’t feel like goodbye.

Originally written on: 09.12.2012


  1. Goodbyes are difficult and the feeling takes a really long time to sink in....I hope you feel better soon.
    Take care


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