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Musings: What I Learned Watching CASUAL

I have a habit of discovering shows after they’ve run their course or after they’ve been cancelled. Amazon Prime and Netflix has too many of these cancelled shows on their streaming services. One of the miserable nights when I wanted to watch something but nothing too intense, and certainly not something that would take up an hour per episode, I stumbled across Casual.
It’s a half hour dramedy show. (Is that even a word? Drama and comedy?) Anyway, the show is about a newly divorced mom, Valerie, and her teenaged daughter, Laura, who move in with Valerie’s brother, Alex. The show is called Casual because none of them seem to be looking for serious, long term relationships. All of them are exploring the dating world. Even when they have what is real within their grasp all three of them enter it with one foot out of the door.
Which of course is a terrible way of looking at things but that is how the world works. We no longer live in a world where relationships can be defined. We are part…