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Back To School

I've left the part of my life behind,
And sometimes I still search for it...
Though I know that I would never find,
Those brilliant days when I was in school...

I've come far ahead from those times,
When playing pranks and cracking jokes,
Was hand in hand with writing silly rhymes,
In effort to impress both crushes and friends.

I've come away from the most unscarred days,
The time when everything was seen in colors,
The time when "judging" was not one of the ways,
In the language of friendship, that I had known.

And now from the place that I am left standing,
I wonder how those days had slipped past,
How I ever forced myself into this crash landing...
I can't even remember the proper breaths I had taken last.

I seem to be surrounded these days by people who say sorry,
Who put lovely thoughts in your head, and tear your mind,
And turn around and tell you not to worry,
Because they keep hoping, the things you want, you find.

Ah hail the hypocrites, that can't be numbered on yo…

Our Song

When I pick up my guitar these days,
My mind wanders away...
Into those nights when I used to play,
Sweet melodies and just for you.
How was I to know those times would be so few.

You blame me for not trying to make it last,
But I am tired of trying and going back to the past.
Time never stands still - it just goes by too fast.
And I play a new tune, though I know it won't reach your ears.
But I sometimes wonder what you could really hear...

The haunting melodies of a life full of comfort and care,
Knowing too well, you could always come back, because I was there.
I used to tell you that one day you just might wake and find me gone.
Because I getting spent trying to find new ways to play the old song.
Sometimes, I still wonder whether I was always alone.

As I pluck the stings of my guitar,
I wish you every happiness - no matter where you are.
You say I should give one last chance to make things fine.
But I wish you had realized what you had, when you were mine.
Things never did dawn on your head on …

Annie's Tale

It is not that I loved you less,
But you didn't know -
How I made up a mess.
Of fine things. One day.
I was trying to runaway.
I tried to face my fears,
And your face : it suddenly disappeared.
I am truly sorry, and I know guilt doesn't help.
And even you know yourself,
I have fallen pretty badly for another.
Because life is unfair and full of bothers.
You say you can forgive me and start again.
But you have no idea what happens to me, when it begins to rain.
His face is stuck pretty badly in my head.
Though I keep praying, he would from my memory fade.
tell me now, what should I do?
find a way to start anew?
what good would that possibly bring?
seeing your sweet face would just stop my heart from singing...
Wrench my soul apart,
Because I know I broke your heart.
You cannot always pretend,
Just because I am your best friend -
That I can't make no mistakes.
I know, it's me, it's always me, who just got too late.
even if I do apologize,
the same things, the same emotions wouldn't surfac…

Ashwini's Dream

She sits before the window,
Gazing up at the sky -
Always wondering why...
The dreams of her soul can never die.
She watches the silver moon -
Shinning brightly amongst the blue sky.
There's not a single shadow
In her blank mind; yet to be painted.
With the different hues.
She whispers to the wind -
I do love you.
But if only he could hear the words that fell
from the sweet parting of her lips,
The moon had cast a spell
Upon the girl, who wanted to say a lot.
Yet whenever he came in front of her
She swallowed those words- and herself forgot.
The moon - the light from the silver ball.
It would simply make her fall -
Fall even more helplessly in love...
With her feelings being as constant as the stars above
She sighs and continues to gaze at the moon...
For in her heart, only this love has room.

Second Chances

I know that at times,
life becomes difficult...
And there seems to be no other way left.
Than to simply run.
But where's the sense in that?
Because each time you try to runaway -
You come back to the same place again.
Maybe we never understand the extent
of our decisions.
The worth of the people in our lives.
And we simply abuse good things -
Because better ones seem to be always
A little way off...
Twenty one year old and not much idea
about this world.
Yet somehow always finding myself in the wrong.
Never in the right.
Dreams were meant for a peaceful night's sleep.
But life?
Life is much more.
When troubles come, it doesn't mean
it is here to stay.
I know...I just know...
If I'm ever given another chance,
I'll know to make life come around,
turn my way.

Seven Shades of Love