Ashwini's Dream

She sits before the window,
Gazing up at the sky -
Always wondering why...
The dreams of her soul can never die.
She watches the silver moon -
Shinning brightly amongst the blue sky.
There's not a single shadow
In her blank mind; yet to be painted.
With the different hues.
She whispers to the wind -
I do love you.
But if only he could hear the words that fell
from the sweet parting of her lips,
The moon had cast a spell
Upon the girl, who wanted to say a lot.
Yet whenever he came in front of her
She swallowed those words- and herself forgot.
The moon - the light from the silver ball.
It would simply make her fall -
Fall even more helplessly in love...
With her feelings being as constant as the stars above
She sighs and continues to gaze at the moon...
For in her heart, only this love has room.


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