Our Song

When I pick up my guitar these days,
My mind wanders away...
Into those nights when I used to play,
Sweet melodies and just for you.
How was I to know those times would be so few.

You blame me for not trying to make it last,
But I am tired of trying and going back to the past.
Time never stands still - it just goes by too fast.
And I play a new tune, though I know it won't reach your ears.
But I sometimes wonder what you could really hear...

The haunting melodies of a life full of comfort and care,
Knowing too well, you could always come back, because I was there.
I used to tell you that one day you just might wake and find me gone.
Because I getting spent trying to find new ways to play the old song.
Sometimes, I still wonder whether I was always alone.

As I pluck the stings of my guitar,
I wish you every happiness - no matter where you are.
You say I should give one last chance to make things fine.
But I wish you had realized what you had, when you were mine.
Things never did dawn on your head on time.

When I begin to play the song, I had once thought would be for you,
I wonder, whether deep down inside we had loved one another true.
I still don't know what love is nor what one should do,
When it comes into one's life.
Though I did try my best to make things right.

Looking back I wonder if all my love had simply died,
And did you really think I would be back if you cried.
Because there is no coming back - though I've tried.
Our song would remain unfinished to the last.
For you never realized how to take care of it, and time went by too fast.

Our song would forever echo the sad refrain,
Of missing the beautiful kiss in the rain,
And forever remind you of that pain.
When it's a glorious day and the sun comes forth,
Please remember what our love was worth.

Some part of me shall always go on trying to play,
The broken notes of the half-writ words, that have so much to say.
It would still wonder what would have happened if I had stayed.
But there's no strength left in me to go through that again.
I know you'll remember my face each time it rains.

Our song would never finish echoing in the dark,
And I will keep hearing the sounds of your broken heart.
You need never forgive me for not giving you a last chance,
Because you had plenty of them, but you let them go in one glance.
And I have never quite gotten over those beautiful trance.

Of the nights when I have believed you were truly mine.
And I kept telling myself soon things would be fine.
But I still wonder how could I be so blind?
It was for a year, that I tried my best to contain...
The horrible ache, and the numbing pain...

As I the strum the guitar a little more violently,
I realize that it's time that I let things be.
What's the use of thinking about things gone past?
If you truly wanted - you would have made it last.
But time...time played us. It went by too fast....


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