Back To School

I've left the part of my life behind,
And sometimes I still search for it...
Though I know that I would never find,
Those brilliant days when I was in school...

I've come far ahead from those times,
When playing pranks and cracking jokes,
Was hand in hand with writing silly rhymes,
In effort to impress both crushes and friends.

I've come away from the most unscarred days,
The time when everything was seen in colors,
The time when "judging" was not one of the ways,
In the language of friendship, that I had known.

And now from the place that I am left standing,
I wonder how those days had slipped past,
How I ever forced myself into this crash landing...
I can't even remember the proper breaths I had taken last.

I seem to be surrounded these days by people who say sorry,
Who put lovely thoughts in your head, and tear your mind,
And turn around and tell you not to worry,
Because they keep hoping, the things you want, you find.

Ah hail the hypocrites, that can't be numbered on your fingers.
Oh my beloved school days and the friends that made that world,
I wonder where all of your thought lingers,
When you think of this silly girl.

I remember those afternoons, when we had all sat around,
And you had all told me I'm too fragile and sweet,
I would always want my friends to surround,
And make my world complete.

Now that I've hit a place which has nothing but loneliness,
I can't help but wonder whatever happened to those days,
When we always knew we could and would laugh at our mess.
Because we just knew there were ways...

I keep wishing that I could go back to best phase,
But I know only forced forwards in the rush of time.
I am lucky that in your hearts I still have that place,
That I claim to be solely mine.

I wish with all my heart that I could go back,
And once again feel the warmth I so miss,
But life...this life is just a rail-road track...
Go forwards, it will always insist!


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