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P for Panic Attacks, P for Prince Charming

Where do I begin? Should I start by sending you the thank you text of us successfully making it through the first day? Or should I just send you a goodnight text and pray that you don’t feel the need to check up on me any time soon? Should I let go of my inhibitions and actually tell you how I feel? Or should I (as protocol demands) be quiet, wait for three days, and then follow up with you – because hey, dating these days is nothing short of chasing your clients for work!
I remember a time when dating was easy. When it was clear as day to both parties that they really like each other and the next obvious step was to date, and see where it goes. These days everything feels like a string of meaningless hook-ups. That people are prepared to do anything to get themselves one less lonely night. I don’t think anyone thinks about the morning that would follow. Because you can capitalise on the euphoria for a few more days until you become in need of another pick-me-up. Dating is hard. And dat…

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