Musing: "Be Still, My Broken Heart"

"Death does not happen to you, Lydia. Death happens to all those around you, who are left trying to figure out how to get on with their lives without you in it."
- Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf

I have faced death from close proximity a number of times. Either my heart was too numb or I was too young to realize what Death really is about. A person you love with all your heart simply ceases to exist.One minute they're there - the next not. And I guess that's what made me extremely wary of people who are there one day and disappear down the rabbit hole the next.

But this blog post doesn't deal with that. It deals with the fact, I have to get up from bed every morning, still chase the same dreams I was yesterday and pretend to move on in life, when my head still screams at me, "You should've tried harder. You should've looked more. It's all you. You're to blame. You and You Alone."

Motu, Potki and Sid 
Last morning, all three kittens had gone for their morning stroll. I was in my Yoga Class. And my mother didn't notice Sid had not come home. Jeet Singh was busy cleaning up the litter boxes. Sid had a habit of straying away from his siblings but he was clever enough to get back home. But yesterday - luck parted with him.
I looked for him. Driving everyone in my neighborhood up the wall. I looked for him till it was a little too late to start my journey towards the school fete. Everyone assured me he'd turn up. One went as far as to say he didn't like cats and I would not find any sympathy for my wayward kitten. 

I don't want your sympathy. I want you to be kinder to animals. To be nicer to the helpless creatures. In a world where children are killed without batting an eyelid, the life of a kitten seems to be a very laughable concept. But that was exactly what happened to our Sid.

Potki being cuddled by Sid. One of the last pictures I clicked of Sid.
November 2014
There are construction workers in my neighborhood now. And another number of workers who're painting our building. They began working from 3:00 am, and I waited and waited for the kitten to turn up, for Pippo to turn up till 3:45 am. I finally fell asleep...and wouldn't wake up till 11:30 am.

But it was not till 12:20 pm, that I got the news that managed to completely break my heart.

Sid is no more. He was found at 5:00 am by the workers. He was injured on the head and he'd succumbed to his wounds.

He was also the only one of Chhoti's three kittens to have a proper name.


I was told that human beings can kill each other with the blink of an eye. Kittens are not even going to be considered in this...

But the ones who take away life with the blink of an eye, do not know how the other human being, the one with the heart goes through. And perhaps they have stones instead of hearts. And perhaps cruel is all that they have been and will be.

Sid, Potki and Motu: Basking in the Sunlight 
This blog post is written to pay my deepest gratitude to the middle kitten, Sid, who was snatched too cruelly from the world. Had he lived, I'm sure he would've been just like my Pippo - the eldest cat.

This blog post is a shout into the void to raise awareness about animal cruelty. I hope someone reads this post, realizes what it cost Sid's co-owner to lose him and write this post for him, and thinks twice before being horrible towards another stray cat or dog to cross his or her path.

For in this world, it is very easy to be horrible. It is very easy to say hurtful things to each other. It is extremely easy to have no regards for someone else's feelings.

It is extremely difficult to be kind. 

And from what I've seen of this world in the last twenty five years, the world could do with a little bit of kindness.

Potki and Sid: August 2014

R.I.P. Sid 
18th May 2014 - 21st December 2014


  1. I had a feeling during my childhood to experience the moment between getting shot and dying. I loved reading this post, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Nice post. all I could say is that if you are broken hearted, then you wouldn't wanna miss this site


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