Why Is Life Such A Bore?

This question sparked a poem from my friend:

Life is a pit,
Where you land up
Right after you are born
And no one seems to help a bit...

Salvation is all the way up...
And the clime ain't easy
All the fights and the other woes,
Makes you confused and dizzy...

Someone uses you
And you do the same,
Practically no end to this blame game...
And the best is,
It's all done in
God's name...

To this I replied:

Yet life would be beautiful,
If God's children learnt to be dutiful,
The tragedy of birth,
Can only become the reason for mirth,
If people purify their heart...
But they don't know, where to start.


  1. After reading "A Rainfall of Words"
    I think you have hit the right chords
    Reading this,I also feel the same
    ummm.....poetry is not quite my game...

    Well written....

    btw : I hate counter strike. I twas kind of mockery of those who love it.


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