The music starts,
We come forward
and I smile
As you take a bow...

Taking my hand,
You lead my through the dance floor
We glide along with the beat
Music fills up my soul

One beat faster,
The band plays on...
You twirl me around,
Me holding fast to your fingers

I can't keep the beat,
And nearly fall over you...
I look into those eyes of yours,
But your face I cannot see

Concealed it is,
behind that mask
for we are dancing
At a masquerade.

The music becomes faster again,
I swim in confusion...
And then it slows down once more
What's going on?

My feet moves in spite of me,
You are the one in control
I look deeper into your eyes
But the gets in the way

The music stops suddenly.
I'm gasping for breath, keep staring at you...
My hands stretch out
Just to unmask you

Yet, as if on cue
The music starts...
That part of the dance
When you switch partners

I can only stare
As you gracefully give me away
To another masked man
I keep looking at you

How you glide
With that same self possession
With your new partner
I grow impatient, wanting to be get back

The music changes,
I swing back into your arms
That moment is gone; however
When I could reach your mask

We keep dancing again
I keep biding my time
When I can unmask you
Find out the real person

You have become more aware now
You know I will be wanting to unmask you
So you keep on tenterhooks
Making me believe I am a step closer

...But knowing you,
That's a real mystery
Trying to unmask you
A task next to impossible.

The final verse, of the final song
The dance has brought us closer together...
You bend down over me
And my eyes scream, "Unmask your self!"

You push me far away from you,
Holding on to my hand...
Pull me back close to you...
I didn't understand

You begin the most beautiful dance,
Which I never knew my feet could carry
I am too shocked at this newfound talent
Am I dancing into love?

No, no, no
I scream in my head
Not here, don't make this mess
Never fall for someone in a masquerade


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