Our Song

I had written you a song,
But I tore up the page,
And let the pieces get blown away...
Somewhere far from me.

Don't remember what it said
Can't recall the words I wrote
And I really don't care
They are just pieces of paper,
Blown away by the wind

When I wrote it,
I was moved with emotion
When I read it,
I began to cry...

What good it do to you?
You never cared, you only lied

The song,
Our song,
Are now the thousand winds that blow

Broken hearts, broken smiles,
broken dreams,
A world where reality rises above all
Laughter is fake,
Happiness but a dream...

I had tried to change all that
Thought it could all...change...
The power of a song
But...I was wrong

I never got a chance
To give you the song
You stole my heart, you broke it
But you're not sorry
I know it.

No use asking me
Where the song I wrote
Is now...

I tore it up,
And offered it to the winds
Don't know what the words were
But they are scattered in a million pieces
All around me.


  1. well. I cud relate to it quite well.. loved ur writes..


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