And so I listen,
To the worries of the troubled hearts
I cradle God's children in my arms
I comfort them, make them feel loved
Make sure they stay away from harm

And so I listen,
To sweethearts baring their souls to me
I speak to them in a soothing voice
I reason with them, I scold them
And tell them everyone has a choice

And so I listen,
To everyone who calls me up
And pour their hearts out to me
I try to cheer them up, as much as I can
I set their troubled minds free

But as I listen,
I wonder if the person on the other end
Can tell that I wear a fake smile
That I'm being to them a very good friend
And to heal my broken heart will take awhile

As I listen,
I keep asking myself, wondering how
I got so good at pretending I am fine
But now I know why I have become this
And there is really no use crying

I used to listen,
To all the bullshit that you said
I listened to all the lies
I believe you when you said we'd be together
Happy ever after, but then love dies

I had listened,
To all the fake stories
To all the dreams we had made together
Pity that I didn't figure it out
That it wouldn't be forever

I wish I had never listened,
I could have always been myself then
I wouldn't need to fake happiness or laughter,
And tell my friends they'd be alright
While inside my heart breaks crying for the ever after

As I listen,
Now to all the friends going through the same
As I had gone
I try to help them, make them feel loved
Make them feel they have somewhere to belong.....


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