Love Story

They were classmates,
They were friends...
Spoke to eachother through messages,
phone calls, internet chats
Nights on end.....

Poured eachothers souls
Unto their own hearts
....Poor children didn't know
Where deep affection starts...

More than a few weeks,
But less than one year
The children felt the truth,
But it only brought them fear.

For you see,
Even though they were holding hands at night
He had a girlfriend, she had someone else
And they knew this wasn't right.

However love is love,
It cannot be ignored.
And when love comes unconditionally,
It cannot be controlled.

It is the sweetest emotion
Which the children couldn't hide
But to confess it, say it aloud
Would hurt their pride...

They knew their was something
Special they saw
But they also knew
It was against the law...

With time, however, emotions grew
The feelings couldn't be held in
They gazed into each others eyes
And knew it was just the beginning

She wondered if going away
Would do them any good
But he knew it wouldn't work
They'd just end up misunderstood

Time was supposed to heal
Time was supposed to help
Why do I love you so much,
The children cried to themselves.

Then one moonlit night
When the world was sound asleep
The emotions held back so long
Burst forth from their hearts so deep...

He looked at her and smiled
A special smile
He took her hand and asked
Her to stay awhile.

She had to agree,
She hadn't any choice
She tried to open her mouth
But found she'd lost her voice.

He gazed into her eyes,
And explored the feelings buried inside
She let him read her heart,
Her feelings, she could no long hide.

The boy felt weakness wash over him
He could no longer resist
He took her face between his hands
And planted on her lips the first and last kiss...

One sweet sin,
One moment of weakness
One night under the spell of love
Broke into a confusing mess.

She didn't pull away from him,
She returned his kiss crying; knowing this was the end
This was where they would have to part.
This was the end of her friend.

"I love you, Princess"
His words sounded full of tender love
Her heart ached, and her eyes shone
To hear these words - was he an angel from above?

"...But, we can never be one."
Her heart despaired, her voice full of bitterness
The fairy tale would be ending
At its very start for this Princess.

"I know, I know" he muttered,
Clinging to her; whispered into her hair
"But I'll alway be your friend, dear..
I'll always be there..."

For a few nights,
The girl - she wept
Then for a lot of days
She slept...

For only in her dreams
She found the comfort of those strong hands
Only in her dreams she saw the happiness
This world never understands...

And so they remained classmates,
They remained friends...
Talking, laughing, joking...smiling secret smiles
In memory of that night...
Until the very end.


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