Musings: The Simplest Thing

Sometimes the hardest things are the simplest of them all. How hard would it be to admit you like someone? How hard would it be to just walk up to someone and tell them, I think you're truly awesome? 

I never had any faith in Secret Santa or Secret Valentine's. But I am beginning to change my mind. You see, we are too quick to jump to conclusions about even ourselves. Sometimes a kind word can save a life. And you never know what someone might need to hear right at the moment. Isn't it? 

I personally think there should be a secret appreciation note exchange every month. And not through malicious apps like the Sahara or Whisper App. But a truly special handwritten note that talks about how amazing someone you feel is. 

Too often we meet people who smile at us on the surface, but you can tell they're breaking from inside. And it doesn't help to walk up them and give them a hug. It often triggers them instead of helping them. The best thing to do would be to slip in those cute little notes and let them know you think they're awesome!

Residual anger and unresolved feelings have suddenly become the normal. The number of fights I see breaking out every single day on the local train to work is not funny. We are all caught up in this crazy life where we are running towards something but no one knows what the ultimate destination is! I always thought life was supposed to be more than just the work we do, the hours we clock in at work or even the money that comes to us at the end of the month. (Money is essential for survival by the way. Don’t get me wrong.) But life should be more than just the same mundane activities that we go on doing forever.

And it is during the time when this disillusion happens, when you are not such a fan of yourself – it matters that someone tells you that you matter. If no one has ever done it for you yet, let me be the first person to tell you that I think you’re wonderful and you matter. The world needs you.

Now it’s your turn to pass it on. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Believe me, small gestures and kind words go a long way. Who knows? One small act of kindness on your part might just save a life. 


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