Don't Cry At My Funeral

Don't Cry At My Funeral

I have a request, of everyone of you
I want you to promise me something
Swear on me that no matter whatever you do
You won't cry at my funeral.....

I can't imagine leaving behind this world
With the ones I'm closest to crying their eyes out
Mourning over the loss of just another girl
'Cause I won't be able to stop any one of you

I'd rather, people smile upon me
And cover me with beautiful flowers
I'd rather, they say 'I'm glad she's finally free'
And gently caress my head and bid me farewell

If you cry when I'm to be taken to better place
Be warned, I'll look upon you indignantly
I'll lose all that you loved in me: my grace
I won't be happy wherever God may send me

Sometimes, I sit and wonder why
Why would any one cry for me?
Cause the one I love always has to die....
There never will be anyone who actually would feel lost.......


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