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Musings: Pet Peeves

The old saying goes, do not make a mountain out of a molehill. But mountains were not built in a day. It’s the little things. It always has been, that adds up to the big thing and then - BOOM - an explosion!  When I tell you to find a seat away from the loud music, do not laugh it off and tell me I’ll get used to it. That two more drinks down I would be the one swaying to the music. For I will roll my eyes at you. And you will find yourself getting slightly irritated with me.  That’s your pet peeve. You cannot stand it when I do not argue with you, instead choose to roll my eyes. You find it frustrating and funny - all the things in the world that bother me. Because to you, those things are insignificant. They should not be taking up space in my head in the first place.  Using my Amazon Prime account to watch a series I just started and accidentally spoiling what happens in season 2, episode 5. Because how was I supposed to know someone can leave an episode midway?  I am used to feelin

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