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#TheWritingDesk: How To Write Better Characters

When you're writing a story, one of the key focus should be, besides the plot, the characters. Too often good stories fall short of being great because the characters were not three-dimensional. It is super important to get your readers to become invested in your characters. Because more often than not, they are reading the story to see if the character they are rooting for succeeded. Tip 1# Make your characters likeable.  There's a fine line between a likeable character and an unlikeable character. Contrary to popular belief, you can write antagonists who are likeable. For example, in my story The Backyard Tales , Shekar's dad Mr. Roy is a likeable antagonist. And you can also write unlikable protagonists: case in point Diya Rai from All Signs Lead Back to You . But if you need more convincing, Artemis Fowl started off his series as an anti-hero. And when was the last time you heard someone say that their favourite character from Harry Potter is the boy wizard himself? Ti

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