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Musings: Cat Café Studio

I have noticed that I don’t blog as often as I would like after moving to Mumbai. You see, in between doing the dishes, cooking my meals, doing my laundry, turning up for work on time, working at said job etc. my own little things gets ignored. While I know I’m busy is the lamest excuse there is on the planet – I also know this – I can manage to get the balance back in my life if I want. (Emphasis on if.)
My flatmate and I had been planning on going to Cat Café Studio in Andheri West for ages but that plan just wasn’t materializing. Until we decided that enough was enough. We needed to put our money where our mouths were. (Metaphorically speaking because paying rent and brokerage kind of makes you go broke by the middle of the month. But working odd jobs sometimes helps you survive in this mad jungle of a city!)

So last Thursday, post-work, I met up with her and we both made our way to the Cat Café Studio. On the way she filled me in about the rules and regulations they have there. Yo…

Musings: Kolkata Girl in Mumbai

Last night we were playing This or That (because I objected to playing Never Have I Ever), and someone asked me to choose between Mumbai and Bengal. Me being me, launched into how the question was technically wrong – you can’t make me choose between a city and a state! It got switched to Mumbai or Kolkata – and I somehow dodged answering that question. But it is a question that hasn’t left my mind.
So which one do I prefer indeed?
To be honest with you, it’s not as a straightforward answer as one might imagine. Kolkata will always be my home. I will miss that city during the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. I will think about the overcrowded metros, as I fight my way into the ladies’ compartment of the local trains and I will especially miss my mother when I have to come home after a day of work in office and figure out my dinner!

I miss Gauri Di and her frowning at me and reprimanding me for having too much tea and not enough food! But at the same time, there’s an office mama who cares a…