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Mistakes of the Heart

When all the doors to the heart
shuts itself forever,
When there is no way to let
anyone in...

To allow someone to become
A part of my soul
It's tragedy.

Well then - not to me

I like the fact I have shut
the doorway
To my heart
For listening to it, has only
caused me pain.

It has made me suffer....where
words fail to express

So in the end - everything
was not your fault

But that of my HEART.

Peaceful Death

I never asked for things
that you could not give
In fact...
Still now I don't ask for
That would cost you
more than LOVE

Waking minute,
My tormented soul
Fragments of the heart
Once it was whole....
With drops of red running rich

But right now...
Everything passes by it
I don't know what will happen
Or how or when or where
Life will take me now

I strain my eyes to see
the White Light
So that my mind can
transcend in peace
If it cannot be my heart!