July 27, 2015

Motivational Monday: The Secret Shifters & PETs

It's another Monday again. And I know I've managed to get some of you lovely people to read my blog for these nuggets of positive wisdom. I realized over the last few months that your attitude is the key to your success. While I always encourage people to look for the bright side in things, I cannot deny the fact that we all have moments where all hope seems lost and no amount of chocolate in the world seems enough to make you okay again.

I know that it is impossible to change your feelings with the snap of your fingers. But I have also learned ways to shift my energy from absolutely foul to something with a better frequency. What I use have been dubbed as "The Secret Shifters" by Paul Harrington.

These could be anything: quotes that inspire you, songs that inspire you. Maybe making a list of ten things that you're happy about. A memory that you're particularly fond of. A person you enjoy talking to. A book that you love reading. Perhaps playing with your pets. (It has been proved that people who own pets and spend a considerable amount of time with them, are far more likely to be happy than those who don't.) This is of course not to encourage to go buy pets, shock your families and blame me for it.

Speaking of pets, I thought I should also tell you about the other PETs in our lives: Personal Emotional Trainers (PETs). These are people who come into our lives or are present in our lives to help us understand that life is not what happens to you but how you react to what happens to you. The very first memory I have of coming across such a PET was when I was four years old. I remember the girl's name and her kid self's face is etched deeply into my memory. She'd committed the unforgivable crime of stealing a bar of chocolate my parents had got for me, and making her group of friends (or rather followers share a single piece of toffee). I wondered later on why I'd let her walk all over me like that. I guess I just wanted to be liked. My four-year-old self did not know that she needed to like herself before anyone else could like her.

July 19, 2015

Musing: Things to Remember

We are all trying too hard stay relevant in a world which is completely irrelevant.

We go our whole lives trying to find someone who would love us despite our scars...

We never stop to think the only way to heal those scars is to love ourselves first.

All of us are inherently good people who make mistakes and slip up - and make complete messes.

What we need to remember is that everyone can be saved. No, you don't need a hero to rescue you. You are perfectly capable of being your own hero.

Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to accept you are only human. Learn to see the good in people.

Image Source: WallPapers

Realize that not everyone you meet will have the same heart as yours. Try not to be disappointed when you comprehend that there will be people who would not jump puddles for you - even though you've crossed oceans for them.

July 13, 2015

Motivational Monday: The Break in Faith

Hello Reader,

It is hard to write a motivational post when you're not feeling too inspired. And when I woke up this morning I was not even sure if I'd put up this post today or just skip ahead to next Monday. As the day progressed, I realized that no one going to be there to motivate you all the time. Sometimes you need to be your own hero.

One of the things that helps me get back on track is to remember one particular scene from Arrow, Season 2. When the Arrow falls down and hallucinates his best friend, Tommy, telling him to get up and fight back. If your imagination is not as wild as mine, you could always settle for setting a goal for the day that you look forward to. Indeed, you should always make goals that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

When I began the section of Motivational Monday last week, I asked a friend what she would like to read next. She said that when people embrace and accept the fact that the law of attraction does indeed work - people get excited and thrilled, and they experience beginner's luck. After awhile things begin to go wrong and they begin to lose faith. She wanted to know why that happens, and what she could possibly do to climb out of that place.

July 6, 2015

Motivational Monday: The First Limiting Belief

Dear Whoever Clicked the Link to Read this Post,

Have you ever secretly wanted to do/have/be something but put it out of your head because there was a voice inside your head telling you - "Are you crazy? That's never going to happen."? Well, maybe it's time to tell that ever persistent, insistent and rather annoying voice to shut the hell up. Tell that voice to go take a hike.

I became acquainted with the law of attraction back in the later half of 2009. However, it was not until 2013 that I began to understand it completely. As my interest grew, my life began to improve. :) And I am not here to preach at you and tell you how to live your life. I am just here to tell you I know what it feels like when your world begins to crumble away right in front of your eyes.

Instead let me just tell you the things that I've learned - the things that had actually held me back. (And sometimes still do: because after all, I am still human.) These things are called "limiting beliefs".