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Poem: April Beckons...

April is knocking on the door
and it's still the month,
I had been
 waiting for.
Because it's the fourth month 
in the year,
That brings me so much closer
To both my dreams and my fears.

Finally, I will be stepping out
Leave all of those doubts,
At the door.
Because I know now, you
Shouldn't define my life anymore.
You're nothing but a distant memory.
You shouldn't have the stranglehold on me.

Every time your face pops into my mind,
You know what thought comes in?
"That guy probably got laid,
time and time, over by now."
It sends a shudder down my spine.
But then I smile,
Remembering what's to come: April Sunshine.

I wonder who's the real victim here,
You, me, that girl or this new guy...
Because you know, time does fly.
And if you don't do something right now,
It will slip through your fingers forever.
Though you think you're so damn clever,
I remember when you said we would always have time.
I bet you never thought about the April Sunshine.


Poem: A Rainfall of Words (Original and Translation)

Original Poem: A Rainfall of Words

Just like the rain falls on the parched ground, Quenching its thirst - that had bothered it for days,
With that sweet smell...that wraps itself in the wind-
The words we exchange,
and the talks we talk have the same effect.

Like the rain comes down and washes away,
The dust and the dirt that had gathered around,
In quite the same way your words come down,
and wash over me.
And my soul is cleansed of all the ill will,
The petty worries that bother.

Like the intoxicating sweet perfume of the rain,
your mere presence washes over me.
Tag the way I feel whenever we talks
as anything you want -
Perhaps a friendship,
beyond the comprehension of many.

And I remain forever in your debt.
When the days are dark; and it feels like rain-
Remember me and smile again.
There are no ways I can thank you enough,
for being with me & bearing me,

And if it happens to rain...
I'll remember your words
Smile again.

- Aniesha Brahma 

 (Perhaps taking Translation Studies course influence…

Poem: And Heaven Fell

Music floats to my ears,
From some long forgotten dream
Memories from a time kept guarded in the shades,
begin to come forward.
You were there, with me, beside, holding on to me.
The reason for my being.
Teaching me to love purely,
showing me a way to the light from the darkness
of my heart.
You saved me from drowning, you rescued me from
the depths of hell.
But you left as soon as the sun rose out from the clouds,
And for me....that's when heaven fell.

 I could feel it all, my world, our word,
crashing around me.
You never looked back. I am merely your distant memory.
Called upon at times when you need to be assured,
that when the day turns to dust -
there's still one person who you can trust.
To pick you up, to help you, and love you unconditionally.
For you, heaven did fall.
But not in the same way as me.
Your heaven is always at your beck and call.
While you watched my heaven fall.

But wasn't our heaven the same
Once upon a time?
Didn't you one day promise to be mine?
I have watched he…

Poem: Colors and The Hills

"I don't wanna win this game,
if I can't play it my way."

Red. Purple. Green. Blue.  All these colors, and the thoughts, They all lead back to you. 
And you're far away...somewhere else. Not in this city. Not in the place I knew. Sometimes I stare at the phone, and think of you.
"I know I gave it to you months ago, I know you're trying to forget..."
Yet, I still think of you Even when I shouldn't. I tried to drown my wrong decisions, Unfortunately - I couldn't.
"I wonder if she's much like me, I wonder if she's what you need."
Sometimes, I still think we should've taken things slow. Then maybe things would've been different. Because you never really know.
These colors they throw, Decorating the skies in puffs of Red. Purple. Green. Pink. Blue. Make me think of the times spent with you.
"I'm a pretty impossible lady to be with." Just like everyone before you, You gave up. Though a part of you