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Musing: Childhood Dreams

23rd January 2015.

I’d been looking forward to the day. Ever since the Kolkata Literary Meet, named Kalam 2015, had made their schedule for DAY 1 public. One name had reverberated through my mind the whole time: Ruskin Bond. I would finally get to meet the man who had given me my first childhood crush.

The Great Indian Litterbug

When I was first placed in my new home, the corner of a street, I heard the men mutter about how they were wasting their time. Of course, that got me really indignant. Why would placing me in a new home mean it was an utter wastage of time for them, eh? After all, I was prepared to do my duty.
How hard could it possibly be to eat up all the waste paper, the wrappers of chocolates, the discarded newspapers and the innumerable cigarette butts? I would keep them all intact, and I would proudly deliver it to my older brother, the Big, Bad Garbage Vat. He could scoff all he wanted about how a Little Litter Box wouldn’t be able to handle the corner of the road...but I was determined to prove him wrong.

Musing: Why We'll Perhaps Never Be Friends...

Today is a very important day for me. Besides this being my brother-in-law's birthday, it is also the day my 2nd published work saw the light of the day. I had been struggling to find a publisher post The Secret Proposal. I do have another novel coming out this year: but it was after a year and half of struggle that I finally landed LiFi Publications.

And once IndiReads came along, there was no looking back. I can see now how different my writing is now from what it used to be...and I'm going towards my goal of weaving stories out of words which would leave everyone spellbound.

'Writer' - that's who I always wanted to be. That's who I've told myself I am.:-)

The other thing that came home to me was the realization as to why I had - for the longest time - not really gotten along with someone. With all his over enthusiasm and a force of will which would put the average twenty something's to shame - he took something away from me: blogging.

I know this so…

Book Tour for B00k R3vi3ws: Fade Into Red Character Interview

Meet The Protagonist 1. Hi, Ayra...first things first, what were you like as a child and a teenager?
I was terribly spoilt but nevertheless a good girl. Being an only child, all my whims were catered to and honestly because I could do everything I wanted, I think I did nothing at all. It was all very charmed and you wouldn’t have liked me too much. I wasn’t very interesting at all. As I child, I spent a lot of time with Kartik and we read and played technics. But as I became a teenager, my friends changed and I whiled my time away playing tennis and hanging out at the Madras Club. I don’t think you can be much of a rebel in Chennai really, but I wish I had been somewhat naughty. I remember preffering to spend Sundays in my dad’s study helping him with filing or gossiping with my aunts in the kitchen while they listened to MS Subhalakshmi. God, it was wonderfully boring.
2. When is your birthday and do you believe in Zodiac signs?
My birthday is on the 29th of July and I am a Leo with…