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A hot sultry evening -
one by one, like some shy bride
the thoughts come inside my head...
and then begin to gather,
these thoughts run wild!!!

A gentle breeze picks up,
and strings together the disconnected thoughts -
blowing like some untamed storm
in the depths of my
secluded mind.

It stops, slows down and starts again
But what are these thoughts?
That refuse to come during the light of the day -
when the mind wants to think???

Forwards and backwards...
faster and slower
and slower and faster again,
till the thoughts begin to drown,
and I am surrounded -

Perched in the same place,
With life.

...Reason, Season & Lifetime...

"People come into your life for a

But what about you and me?
And the way we have journeyed?

You said once there was a REASON for being friends...
And I asked whether you'd remain even when this SEASON ends!

And how you laughed at the apprehension and the thoughts going in my head-
Assuring me, it is good there is nothing left unsaid.

But only time could tell
If everything in the end would be well...

If over the course of time,
You'd remain just not much mingled with mine.

Whether we are meant to be for a LIFETIME or not,
Is a question to be answered by time - and now forgot!

...A Rainfall of Words...

Just like the rain falls on the parched ground,
Quenching its thirst - that had bothered it for days,
With that sweet smell...that wraps itself in the wind-
The words we exchange,
and the talks we talk have the same effect.

Like the rain comes down and washes away,
The dust and the dirt that had gathered around,
In quite the same way your words come down,
and wash over me.
And my soul is cleansed of all the ill will,
The petty worries that bother.

Like the intoxicating sweet perfume of the rain,
your mere presence washes over me.
Tag the way I feel whenever we talks
as anything you want -
Perhaps a friendship,
beyond the comprehension of many.

And I remain forever in your debt.
When the days are dark; and it feels like rain-
Remember me and smile again.
There are no ways I can thank you enough,
for being with me & bearing me,

And if it happens to rain...
I'll remember your words
Smile again.

No Strings Attached

And talking to you,
is like talking to me...
Just not a mere reflection
but somehow a little free.
Out of the confinements,
the enchained soul.
When the words tumble out,
and the stories untold.
Never betrayed, and secrets kept
just between you and me.
No strings attached
like the waves of the sea...
There is nothing to hold us back,
nothing to keep together or apart.
An unexplainable connection
between two hearts.
So please keep talking to me,
and I'll talk to you.
Though we are mere reflections,
Somewhere, we are true...

The Pitcher & The Ocean

They say it is the pitcher of water,that would sustain and comfort...
when the days are hard & the nights are cold.
The pitcher never empties;for it can be filled again..
It remains constant.
Through sun, wind or rain...
No tides can upset, nor the calm reflect.
In a way it is - unreasonably perfect.

And is that why, my eyes stray?
Towards the ocean - a little away?
Because though not not tired of this perfect prison;I need to live.
That's my reason.
I need to embrace life, drown in laughter & love...
Let love wash away my fears...
Wipe away the tears, I have cried through the years...

But every time I try, a little by little,
I hear an agonizing cry...
And turn to look back...and then I lose track.

I can't answer the call of the ocean,
With the waves crashing wild -
Because I've grownup from being a child...

And unwilling though, at times my heart can be,
I content myself with the pitcher...
Because I cannot ever answer the calls from the sea.

The pitcher is forever, for everyday use.

The Tunes of Life

Wonderfully intertwined, with the heart.
Just not in the mind.
She had often see the face in her dreams,
But nothing mattered now.
She knows nothing is ever what it seems.

And he smiled at her from a distance,
Raised his glass, to acknowledge her for an instance.
The he turned away, knowing this is the end.
She whispered to the wind, "Farewell, my friend."

It had been a bittersweet journey for them both,
But they'd sworn no oath,
Nor taken a vow -
To not let things be, anywhere - anyhow.

"I'll keep you safe in my heart," she felt him say,
When he brushed past her, dancing with another, away.
She bowed her head,
But not a word she said.

Tears stung at the corner of her eyes,
However, this was the moment she realized.
It had not been lies,
But that was how...she knew things die.

Watching him dance away, she felt a part of herself go.
Where exactly, she would never know....
She could still feel him - wrapped warmly around her heart.
Still feel the warmth, she'd felt at the start…

Soul Food

This, this time..there are no words
That would express...
Things that I should like to say -
Things that simply impress.

Fascination has reached its high,
And I really have no idea why...
You're still here, standing next to me.
Bound a little; but mostly free.

I know one day that you'll be gone,
Because I know you cannot let me be torn.
But now that you're here, please stay with me...
Stay with me, and I'll show you a world to see.

A world that I've built around this place,
And surrounded by only the familiar faces.
Nevertheless there always will be spaces...
Happiness through quietitude and some embraces.

What I've not said as yet,
and you like to before I forget -

THANK YOU, for the soul food.
Thank you, for being so good...

You're still here, when you could have gone away.
I know one day you won't be there to stay.

But till you decide to go off and fly...
Just keep being the person you are, and never ask me why...