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Event: Grape Harvest Feast, Kolkata

The Invitation: I had missed the trip to Baramati. All because I missed the phone call which would've got me into one of the best trips of my I made it a point, that no matter how busy I was, I would never again miss Swarnali's calls.

On a particularly upsetting Thursday afternoon my phone rang shrilly and I saw Swarnali's name flash across the screen. She didn't even wait for me to greet her, "Aniesha! Are you free this Sunday? There's an event at Swissotel, and we are invited by GingerClaps. We'll be confirmed once you say you can make it."

During that particular moment I had no idea where Swissotel was, and neither did I know the details of the event. All I cared about was having something to look forward to at the end of a very crappy week. "Of course," I replied.

"Great," she said, and hung up.

I wouldn't find out that from my house to Swissotel Kolkata is was a 21 km journey until the next day, when I told my s…

Musing:Valentine's Day


If you knew you'd end up getting hurt, would you still fall in love? Even the most logical, rational person in the world is not going to be aware of the exact time when they do fall in love. It's like they say -
"Between laughing for no reason and making fun of each other, we don't know the exact moment when we fell in love."
I have had my fair share of heartbreaks and I’ve fallen in love (a bit more times than I can count.) Being a romantic person by nature I find it difficult to keep a check on my feelings.
I’ve fallen for fictional characters from books, from movies…from real life. I’ve had crushes too. On friends, on seniors, (never on juniors though :P) On someone I’d randomly met in some long forgotten party. Someone who jumped back into my life after maybe a decade of not being in touch with each other….
Once upon a time I’d found unrequited love to be a very sweet thing…until I faced the predicament not too many years ago. I’ll be honest – …