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Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Director: Rupert Sanders
Writers: Evan Daugherty (screenplay), John Lee Hancock(screenplay), Hossein Amini (screenplay), Evan Daugherty (screen story)
Stars: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron

Honestly, this was ONE movie I was really looking forward to. The theatrical trailer had my hopes riding high, and the name kind of gave away the obvious twist in the tale. The huntsman would be the hero. I have always been a huge fan of The Brothers Grimm's fairy tales and hunted high and low for the original versions. The one which didn't have Walt Disney's famous "happy ever afters". 
What I loved about this movie was the visual felt as though I had been transported into another world altogether. The beginning is really intriguing, up till the time Snow White's father meets Ravenna...
The fight scenes have been amazingly portrayed. I loved the actress who played the younger version of Snow White, and the scene where the adult Snow White runs…

Blogadda Post: Taught By Examples ~ Pippo's Story

I Saw, I Learnt The other day while walking down the street, we met an old man walking with his grandchild. What we saw after that was an astonishing sight.
We saw that the old man picks up the waste paper thrown by  a couple walking ahead of them and throws it in the dustbin. The grandson claps at the deed of his grandfather and continues walking. What did we learn from this? We learnt that the grandfather was setting an example for his grandson by telling him not to throw waste around and keep your surroundings clean.
As an individual or as a parent, you are the best person to teach children the value of doing right.
BlogAdda and Tata Capital presents to you:

I Saw, I Learnt.
Blog about the right things that you have learnt from people, places and situations around you.

"Little deeds of kindness,  Little words of love,  Help to make earth happy  Like the Heaven above."
- Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney

I had no idea that there was little cat meowing away to glory right outside my do…

Information: An alluring contest with the launch of its first three titles by Author’s Empire Publications:

An alluring contest with the launch of its first three titles by Author’s Empire Publications:
One of the fastest growing publishing companies in the industry, the Author’s Empire Publications, has made a grand entry in the market with the launch of their first three titles. These are available for pre-order at and  
Chakra: Chronicles of the Witch Way by the National Bestselling author, RituLalit, Kashi by the American author, TerinTashi Miller & In Pursuit of the Woman, by debutant author Rajbir Gill, these books are widely appealing to the readers of different tastes. 
There is an exciting offer along with the launch of books which gives a chance to win Blackberry curve, T-shirts and other cool prizes.
       The readers get a chance to win exciting prizes and goodies by following these terms and conditions:
·Valid on online pre-order or purchase of any of the books (In pursuit of the woman, Kashi and Chakra) from 1st July 2013 to 15th august 2013.

Event: Four Seasons Wine Trail

Four Seasons  invited me to a structured Wine Trail this last Saturday (06.07.2013), organized by Ginger Claps. I came to know about this event through my friend and fellow blogger, Swarnali, of Dreams n Drama blog. The event was held at the Rose Room in The Conclave from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Our wine guide, Mr. P.K.K Mitter aka Peter talked us through not only how one ought to taste wine, but we learned how wine is manufactured in the first place. The two short AVs shown was an eyeopener for people like me, who are ignorant about wine cultivation.

The first question he asked was, "What is wine?" The answer to which I got in a structure form that day, "It's an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes." The AVs showed us how the grapes are harvested, picked and then turned to wine, bottled, labeled and boxed, stored to be dispatched into the markets. What was impressive was all this was happening in the state of Maharashtra - India's very own vineyard.

We learn…

Review: My Rainbow ~ Seven Riveting Short Stories

Name: My Rainbow - Seven Riveting Short Stories
Authors: Khush Agarwal, Isha Setia, Dhritika Dhawan, Harashavardhini Pareek, Aditya Agarwal, Isha Rautela, Shivangi Singh.
No. of pages: 169
Price: Rs 180 (I received a review copy from The Tales Pensieve)
ISBN: 978-81-927146-0-8

When I first asked to review My Rainbow, I had no idea that the seven short stories were actually penned by school students. The back cover write-up hinted that this would be a very promising read. Along with the book, I was sent clippings from a newspaper where I learned more about these seven delightful young authors. To be honest the stories in books are riddled with spelling mistakes, tense mistakes and there even have been instances of malapropism. But as I write my review, I will overlook these errors...because we have to keep in mind these were children writing the stories. That they are able to think of plots and go on writing without getting bored, is very commendable. The…

WOW:Sometimes Silence Speaks

You say it best, when you say nothing at all.
Write Over the Weekend theme for this week‘When you say nothing at all…’ Write a post with this line in it.

She rested her head on his shoulders,  and he put his arm around her. They looked like something cut out of a fairy tale.
Ever since they'd met it had just been that, quiet walks, holding hands,  and just sitting in silence.  And the silence speaks...
He can look into her dark eyes forever, Feel like he is swimming into the deep,  He knows he's drowning but he's  really very happy. He wants to be there.
"I like it like this," she smiles at him,  "When we're together, I like the silence... ...when you say nothing at all." And he kisses her forehead.
He gets up to leave, and she catches him, By his sleeve, her eyes are brimming with tears. "Do you really have to go?" She feels him hug her from behind, and whisper, "I'll be with you as long as you want me to."
She wraps her arms…

IndiVine Post: The Perfect Road Trip

Describe your idea of a perfect road trip. You can choose your car, your companion, your route and your destination. The most memorable road trip wins!
Since the time we were in the last year of our school, my friend, Baisampayan Sarkar aka Jijo, has been going on about how when we all turn twenty,  and he has the license to drive,  our little group of friends would go on a road trip.  Well, it's almost six years from that day, we're now twenty-two and twenty-three year olds, but sadly the road trip still hasn't come true.

But given a chance, there are no other people, than these four crazy people,  I would pick to go on a road trip with. (Preferably with Pulastya Parekh driving).

Honestly, prior to September 2011, I had no idea about cars.  But after working as a content writer for a company which predominantly made me write about cars, cars and more cars  I can say, I now a little bit about them now.  And that's the reason for choosing this particular car: A Blue For…