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Describe your idea of a perfect road trip. You can choose your car, your companion, your route and your destination. The most memorable road trip wins!

L to R: Me, Soumma, Soumik, Jijo, Shibaji, Pulastya, 2008 
Since the time we were in the last year of our school, my friend, Baisampayan Sarkar aka Jijo, has been going on about how when we all turn twenty,  and he has the license to drive,  our little group of friends would go on a road trip.  Well, it's almost six years from that day, we're now twenty-two and twenty-three year olds, but sadly the road trip still hasn't come true.

But given a chance, there are no other people, than these four crazy people,  I would pick to go on a road trip with. (Preferably with Pulastya Parekh driving).

Honestly, prior to September 2011, I had no idea about cars.  But after working as a content writer for a company which predominantly made me write about cars, cars and more cars  I can say, I now a little bit about them now.  And that's the reason for choosing this particular car: A Blue Ford Mustang. 

Ford Mustang:

The car does have very snug seats and it's perfect for a road trip.   I can actually imagine Soumma and Soumik get into a fight about who gets to sit next to the person driving the car....and I will be at the back, taking a window seat, of course.  Jijo is probably taking the first turn to drive, and Pulastya has probably taken the other window seat. Poor Soumik! He must have gotten stuck with a middle seat again. 

Well since I'm the one planning this road trip getaway, I don't think the opinions of my friends will matter here.  So, I'd pick a place where we can start for early in the morning and perhaps reach before the afternoon or the evening...  It has to be somewhere nearby but nothing too far away.

Me, Jijo, Soumik, Soumma, Pic Courtesy: Pulastya, 2011
So cliched as this sounds, I think I am going to settle for Shantiniketan.   Yes, it has a lot of Bengali heritage to it, and it is one of those places we Bengalis tend to run off to, at the drop of a hat.  But I still remember going to Shantiniketan by road,  and I don't recall a happier time in my life.  The songs played, the fun, the laughter and the jabbering of people who've been friends forever...I think for a change, I would be looking at the people seated next to me, and actually engage in conversation this time. As opposed to my favorite hobby of ignoring everyone and looking out of the window...  watching the scenes flash by, and creating stories (which I never have penned down) in my head. 

Shantiniketan, Pic Courtesy: Google Images
Well, we had a mini trip in the morning a few days back...of course it wasn't to Shantiniketan.  It was quite near to Salt Lake though  and oh well, it was quite fun.  And I cannot help but think that if a mini trip like that could put us in such a great mood,  what it would be like to be on  real road trip with these people I've known almost all my life?  Only one word comes to mind: PERFECT. 

L to R: Me, Soumik, Soumma and Jijo. Pic Courtesy: Pulastya, 2013

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  1. This was nice personal post.....i can understand how content writers are almost forced to develop interest in unfamiliar subjects.....good luck for the contest.

  2. Yes, yes...a trip with your best friends is like the most perfect thing ever...i have always wanted to go to Shantiniketan...wish to go there someday...lovely post as always <3
    Lets go to Shantiniketan someday, please?

    1. I would love to!! :) Let's plan it out and just go, go, go... ^_^


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