WOW:Sometimes Silence Speaks

You say it best, when you say nothing at all.

Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

‘When you say nothing at all…’ Write a post with this line in it.

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She rested her head on his shoulders, 
and he put his arm around her.
They looked like something cut out
of a fairy tale.

Ever since they'd met it had just been that,
quiet walks, holding hands, 
and just sitting in silence. 
And the silence speaks...

He can look into her dark eyes forever,
Feel like he is swimming into the deep, 
He knows he's drowning but he's 
really very happy. He wants to be there.

"I like it like this," she smiles at him, 
"When we're together, I like the silence...
...when you say nothing at all."
And he kisses her forehead.

He gets up to leave, and she catches him,
By his sleeve, her eyes are brimming with tears.
"Do you really have to go?"
She feels him hug her from behind, and whisper,
"I'll be with you as long as you want me to."

She wraps her arms around herself,
Lets the tears roll down her cheeks.
Ever since he'd gone forever, she had sought comfort,
In their memories.

"You're not gone, no one take you away from me,"
She keeps repeating over and over to herself,
The spirits hear her prayers but they can do nothing,
Except watch her waste her life away.

She's forever waiting, for Death to strike her,
Because she wants to go where there is silence...
Because in that silence she would find him.
Her only lover, her best friend.

She looks ahead of her, blankly, smiling,
Her eyes glisten with new form tears.
"I love you,"
And she can hear him answer, "I never left you."

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  1. oh so touching....very good aniesha

    PS- Everytime i visit your blog, my first 5 minutes are spent on just staring at your cover pic...i hav never seen a much more delightful picture on any blog

    1. Hi Ritesh,
      Thanks for the comments on both the poem and the cover picture :)


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