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The Conclave 
 Four Seasons  invited me to a structured Wine Trail this last Saturday (06.07.2013), organized by Ginger Claps. I came to know about this event through my friend and fellow blogger, Swarnali, of Dreams n Drama blog. The event was held at the Rose Room in The Conclave from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Our wine guide, Mr. P.K.K Mitter aka Peter talked us through not only how one ought to taste wine, but we learned how wine is manufactured in the first place. The two short AVs shown was an eyeopener for people like me, who are ignorant about wine cultivation.

The first question he asked was, "What is wine?" The answer to which I got in a structure form that day, "It's an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes." The AVs showed us how the grapes are harvested, picked and then turned to wine, bottled, labeled and boxed, stored to be dispatched into the markets. What was impressive was all this was happening in the state of Maharashtra - India's very own vineyard.
The First Slide on the Slide Show

We learned about the different types of wines:
  • Wine can be either Still, Sparkling or Fortified, depending on its content.
  • It can be White, Rose’ or Red depending on its color.
  • On the basis of its sweetness, wine can be dry, medium or sweet. 

Wine can also be Old World or New World, and the label of the wine would tell one about it. The Old World wines would have the terroir (region of origin mentioned) while the New World wines have the types of grapes mentioned.

The different parts of the grape give the very different tastes to the wine: The stalks give the astringent taste, the grape skin provides the tannin color, the pulp supplies the sugar, the fruit acids and water, and the seeds give the bitter oil.

The temperature at which wine should be served, depends on the different types of wines
In this structured wine trail, we tasted five kinds of wine:

We also learned there is a particular way to drink wine. Especially when one is trying to develop a taste for it.

1.Wine should always be served in the wine glasses, filled to the curve....and the glasses should always be held by the stem.

2. There are four S's to wine drinking: See, Swirl, Smell and Sip (illustration below).

THE FOUR S's of Wine Drinking 
My Model: Swarnali Das :)

3. It is also possible to find out if the wine is old or young, by tilting the glass and holding it next to a white mat. If the color is uniform, then the wine is old. If not, it's young.
The Five Types of Wine were:

The five images above are taken from: http://www.fourseasonsvineyards.com/our-wines/four-seasons.html Click on them to enlarge the images and learn more!

And along with wines, was of course food:

Indian Wine has finally come into the world market. In fact the wines which are made here under the Four Seasons brand name, are being exported as "Ritu" i.e. season in Hindi.

Red wine and White wine in India are both favored extremely. The best thing about wine is, that it accompanies food. We also learned that it is possible to make white wine from red grapes!!! Isn't that awesome? But the opposite, isn't possible...

The event concluded with the awarding of Wine Appreciation Certificates, which I personally think is going to look great on my CV!

Perter Awarding Me the Certificate 
A Closer Look At The Certificate 

At the end of that wonderful session, where I met a few other bloggers too, all I can say is THANK YOU,

and I sincerely hope to be a part of the future structured wine trails...

For more information about Four Seasons, please visit:


  1. Excellent. I am impressed


    1. Hello dadu,

      thank you!!! It was fun to learn about wine ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Pooja,
      It indeed was... :) I wish I looked a little more "alive" though :D

  3. Thank you for your highly impressive & informative Blog:) Indeed I learnt a lot about qualities & varieties of the wine! Personally I like "Port Wine" though!

    1. Hello mummy, thank you :)
      Ha ha, I told you before - Port wine comes from Portugal :D

  4. Cool...i had myself attended one such event a few months back and met Mr. Mitter.....ur post was very informative....

    PS- why did u have to change ur cover pic :(

    1. Hi Ritesh,
      Thanks for the comments :) and oh well, I took down that cover to revamp it ^_^

  5. thanks sharing this. do they do this wine tasting event on a regular basis as I might be passing by Kolkata on my trip.


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