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Musing: Why I Choose NOT To Get Married At 25 (or anytime soon)!

I know posts like these have been doing the rounds on the internet of late, but I just have to vent about this somewhere. And what better way to keep a check on myself than broadcasting my thoughts all over the web via my blog. (Thank God I write - I think I'd have gone crazy by now had not been taking deep breaths and reminding myself I'd end up getting my revenge on print!)

I was dragged, practically kicking and screaming, to a family get together. (I keep telling my mother how much I loathe these little dinner parties and rightfully so.) My brother and I are the only ones left among the whole effing family tree of cousins who have reached the 'eligible age' of getting married. So everyone wanted to know when they'd finally get married because - well, hold your breath - they want to celebrate our wedding before old age claims them as victims. 

I wanted to roll my eyes and tell them that getting married is the last thing on my mind. When my abbu (second uncle) in…

Product Review: MatrikaS Paper Products

As a writer, I'm perhaps the easiest person to buy gifts for. Give me a journal or a notebook, I'm a happy girl. I have even hoarded a lot of pretty looking journals because I've not been sure what to write in them. I occasionally like to take them down, print my name on inside the first page, and put it back in my drawer of notebooks and journals.

It is no surprise to me then that Swarnali recommended I apply for the MatrikaS Paper Product Review. While filling up the form, I mentioned that I like notebooks and I love writing in them. Then two weeks later, I got sent the three journals/notebooks in the picture above. 
Let's look at them one at a time.
The brilliant Cube Works Notebook. The doodles are too cute, and for me it's the perfect place to plan my next stories, novels...write out detailed character sketches. Treat it like my own little scribbling place. The paper is of a high quality - so whether you use an ink pen, gel pen or a use-and-throw ball pen - i…