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Waking Up

And doesn't it always seem,
That we're waking up from a dream?
I know, I keep telling myself,
That there was never something to help.
Just like the moon had climbed the mountains,
Only to finally vanish into the morning.
All these days would disappear,
And there would not be the same feeling.
I feel like I had been dreaming too long,
With the tunes playing, the words of a song
Which only I know off by heart.
Time would never standstill and we'll part.
The insane dreams that try to make us believe more than we dare,
And we fall in and begin to really care.
More than we really should.
But I know that I never could,
Let myself really wake up from the dreams - maybe untrue.
Because they were the only place where I had you.
I know I will never have you exactly the way you want,
And thoughts of you, will forever my memory, haunt.
Leave me where I am because I know I cannot fall,
I just want to see you through it all.
Be well always, and I wish you the best.
Do what you really want to in life, and leav…


You'd walked by my side, telling me
You will always be there -
Even if difficulties come between
And everything seems unfair
But you had to be mean.

When you couldn't handle staying on
You chose to turn away
And tell me to come out of my world of dreams
You said it was for my sake you won't stay.
But all you were was mean!

I let you do as you very well please
Friendship - unconditional - you always had
Yet you still say that nothing is like it seems.
And you told me words that make me feel sad
So you decided to be mean.

When I finally got used to a life
Which didn't have a single trace of you.
You decided you didn't like where you'd been.
Without my friendship you'd fallen through -
And you came back but you were still mean.

Even if you swear nothing again will come between,
I'll never forgive you for being mean.

Tell Me Why: Our Goodbye

Why couldn't you leave when I asked you to?
Why did you stay when I wanted you gone?
And now when I got used to your presence,
You turned around and said, "so long!"

Goodbye, Goodbye.
You taught me more than this world,
I will never trust another person again.
But thank you for making a woman of this girl.
We only grow up when we are caused pain.

But before you leave, forever and never return,
Answer me this - before the setting sun -
Why didn't you go when I told you shouldn't stay?
Why did let me believe time will make things okay?

Goodbye, Goodbye,
Don't answer any questions I might ask,
I would rather be dancing somewhere else wearing a mask.
I will always remain indebted to for letting me make mistakes,
For now I know things are always messy, no matter what are the stakes.

You should have left when I told you to go,
All that I know is now that I don't know,
How to get used to a life where you don't exist.
And how to tell myself you're a person I should never miss…

Message in a Bottle

I've never known a life, where you don't exist
And I can never imagine being all by myself
My dreams were not intertwined with yours
Sometimes we just need to let things go
Our wishes have little to do with the truth
Reality doesn't always have to be how you want it
Reasons are never enough
You will always be remembered and cherished
For though I might move away from you
Our memories will still be mingled with the wind
Roads ahead of us would take us where we ought to go
However, I just wish for you to know
Understanding me was a choice you had made
Regret your decision or not, I must say
Time is the only thing we can depend on
It will help and heal us, and seal our memories
Never let go what remains now, though they blow in the wind
Ghosts from the past would remain forever more
Your dreams might not always echo my reality
Our worlds had met briefly just to part,
Under the violet moon, perhaps there will be a new start...


Every night the same old dreams would haunt her sleep,
She would be standing at a corner, trying not to weep-
He would not look at her and treat like the wall
and she would keep wondering if ever he'd fall...

Fall in love with her, because she was enchanted
By his smile, the way he talked and she wondered if her wish would be granted,
Just to be able to go and share a dance with him -
Because they remained apart even in her dreams.

She was enchanted by the way he looked at life
They way he laughed and conquered each strife
But he never seemed to look at her the way she wanted,
Little did she know even he was enchanted...

Enchanted by her quiet ways, the simple way she lived,
She was nothing less than an angel, he believed.
He always wondered what secrets her eyes did keep,
Because she haunted him in his sleep.

The one quiet evening, when the music was a little sad and slow,
They stood outside in the garden as the breeze blows...
For the first time their eyes met;
Under an enchanted spell their heart…

"Vanilla Twilight"

Soft music plays in the background,
And I smile to myself...
Remembering the days I had been crying out for help....
It came to me with a sound.

A song that engulfed my soul,
Wrapped tightly around my heart
When I didn't know even know that it had a start,
And wove a spell beyond my control...

I know that there would be people you miss,
There will be ones you remember, crying into the night
And whose memories will dance into your mind at a beautiful vanilla twilight,
Sometimes you'd be wondering how to deal with this....

Don't let a tear drop in the silence of the night,
Put your arms around yourself, till the someone comes along
And you won't feel alone; and listen to the beautiful song...
Stay drenched in the vanilla twilight...

When I am missing you, lying with thoughts of you in my head,
I let the sweet music fly around and fill up the empty space
And close my eyes and see your sweet face...
Dream about the times I would have no more words left unsaid....


A crystal ball before her eyes
And cards in her hands
A thick perfume engulfs the room
A talking parrot perched at a corner
And these are supposed to tell
What the future has in store?
What the future really holds?

O fortuneteller, tell me now
Would love survive of us...?

How can the stars in Heaven
Or the pictures in the cards
Tell us where we'd finally end?
Isn't knowing the future just pretend?
What if and what not
Are not questions to be sought...

O fortuneteller, tell me true
Would love survive of us...?

But it is the way you understand
Know that my future won't be spelt
By the lines in my hand
that makes me certain...

Fortuneteller is us alone;
We will make love survive...

"Listen To The Radio"

A voice comes floating out of the radio -
A voice which I really know...
I've heard it in happy days - I've heard it when it was sad
Heard it reminiscing about the good times and bad it had had!
Somewhere familiar but somehow distant.
Playing hide and seek; in any instant...
You had told me to listen to the radio;
And now it's turned on, playing songs I used to know -
After a long time, I hear happiness from a voice that had once died.
A chirpy soul that had once cried.
And though it seems unfair to sing praises of you alone -
It's good to see you've finally found your way back home.
May you always find the words of the song etched in your heart.
And may God or life let you know from each end there is a start.
This thing - this little time spent on the radio -
It is the beginning of a wonderful show


my beloved, my muse
let there not be words of abuse,
As we part ways and wait for a new dawn,
and slip into a life where we are gone.
At least now, we are not torn.

Still treasured and cherished are those golden hours,
because we both know we lost the moon -
Counting the stars.

to the good times that we've shared, beautiful moments that we had.
And even though I feel sad -
It is for the greater good, that we part ways.
Deep down inside I'll remember these days.

I am sorry that I could not control my emotions,
and let them run wild,
Sometimes I do behave like a child...

But a part of me that can't let you go,
Needs to realize, needs to know
There won't be a sunshine when you're gone,
Yet there won't be a Sun until there's a new dawn.

So farewell,
my muse, my beloved, my sweet sunshine -
The pain won't bother much...
Because you were never mine.