Services Offered

As a freelancer, these are the services I offer: 

Content Writing

Whether you need fresh content for your blog post or article, or you want me to polish it up for you, content writing is a field I have dabbled in since I was nineteen. I know a thing or two about writing the article how it might be required. It could also be for Press Releases and Newsletters. I am pretty amazing at making those too. And together we can make the perfect one.


I love blogging. And this is my personal blog, where I write pretty much whatever I want. The bookish blog is Bibliotheque. If you need me to blog post for you on my blog, just let me know and we’ll work the details out.

Beta Reading

If you're writing a book/short story and want someone to take a look at it for you and give you constructive criticism - do consider me. I have three young adult novels, two children's novels, a children's graphic novel series and a fairy tales collection series under my belt. Also I really love both reading and writing and I know exactly what works and doesn't in a story.


No matter what business you might be running or product you're selling - I do know how to construct a proper newsletter and grow your mailing list. 

Editing and Proofreading

No work is complete without being edited and proofread. And I am available to edit and proofread your work. Let me know what you need to be edited and proofread, and it shall be done.

Social Media Content Creator & Manager

When I was writing my thesis for MPhil, I had to research quite a bit on Social Media. While I always liked being a part of social media it was not until then that I realize how deeply interested I was in the subject. I thoroughly enjoy making social media marketing strategies and guidelines. If you require help on this field, do let me know and we’ll talk things through.

E-Book Formatting 

In case you're down the road the to self-publish your novel on Kindle Direct Publishing or Smashwords and have no idea how to format your book, drop me a mail. :) I can format your book in .mobi, .epub and .pdf formats for you.

Website & Blogging 

If you're new to the world of websites and blogs feel free to connect with me. I have learned quite a bit over the years of dabbling in WordPress and Blogger. I can tell you which one you ought to go for, and tailor it exactly to your needs. 

If you require one or more of the aforementioned services, shoot me a mail at: or

I look forward to working with you.

If you are interested in any of the packages mentioned below, please feel free to contact me via email.

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