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Website & Blog: 


Get your website/blog reviewed. Understand why your website or blog might not be ranking. The secrets behind the SERPs, on a 1-1 call with me. Drop me an e-mail to book your slot right now. Special introductory prices. 


If you're new to the world of websites and blogs feel free to connect with me. I have learned quite a bit over the years of dabbling in WordPress and Blogger. Together, we can figure how best to get the most for your blog / website. In fact, if you are worried about who to hire to start your own website - feel free to contact me. 

Ghostwriting - Fiction & Children's Non-Fiction

If you are too busy to write the story that has been haunting you forever, now's the time to book a slot with me for ghostwriting. 

Blogging 101 - A Weekend Boot Camp 

Last year, I had the privilege of teaching a blogging course to young and new adults working with an NGO. What we covered in the course:
- How to identify your niche 
- Whether to choose Blogger or WordPress
- The Science of SEO 
- Understanding how your blog would rank 
- The Secrets of SERPs
- The Ingredients for Viral Content 
- Blogging Content Pegs & Calendars 
- How to promote your blog on social 

And now, I am offering the same course to you at a special price. Limited seats, of course. 
Please do drop me an email if you're interested in this. 

E-Book Formatting 

In case you're down the road to self-publish your novel on Kindle Direct Publishing or Smashwords and have no idea how to format your book, drop me a mail. :) I teach you how to format your book in .mobi, .epub, and pdf.

If you require one or more of the aforementioned services, shoot me a mail at:

I look forward to working with you.

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