March 16, 2016

5 Signs You And Your Sister Are Elsa and Anna from Frozen

If you grew up with a sister, it is more than likely that you identified with either Elsa or Anna when the movie Frozen was released. It was my go-to movie when it first came out and honestly, I have lost track of how many times I have seen this movie. Frozen continues to give me the feels and because I have grown up with a sister, I could identify the relationship shared between the two. Here are 5 signs why you are Elsa (if you're the elder one) and why you might be Anna (if you're the younger one)...and why the relationship shared between you and your sister is very Frozen. 

1. When you were kids, you constantly asked her to play but she didn’t listen to you.

My sister and I have an age difference of nearly six years. Therefore, whatever games I was playing as a child did not really interest her. But things got better when we grew up. Our interests became similar, just like in Frozen.

2.She shares your love for chocolates. 

While I am always at the receiving end of lectures that involve how chocolates will make me bloat, my sister enjoys eating chocolates just as much as I do. Remember the scene where Anna and Elsa realize the "wonderful smell" is chocolate? 

3. She tells you like it is.

I had burst out laughing when I saw this scene for the first time. It's more of the facial expression, with her eyes closed that made me remember my sister. I remember messaging her, "You're such an Elsa!" I love how elder sisters love telling you like it is....just like Elsa.

4.  You’ll both do anything to protect each other.

Despite everything, you're always there for each other and would do anything to protect one another. While I would love to pretend I don't care that much, truth is - as a sister, it becomes your second nature to protect your sister - no matter what the stakes might be. We have our fights, yes, but we love each other.

5. And while you’re the little Princess of the family (if you're the younger one), she’s the Queen (if she's the older one).

Elsa is the only Princess in Disney history who became a Queen without getting married. And that's one of the many reasons that elder sisters love to identify with her. But remember, you're a Princess and the last time I checked, Princesses can be pretty awesome too!

Disclaimer: All pictures are screenshots taken from Disney's movie, Frozen (2013). I do not own these pictures...well, except for the blog title slide that I made. But the picture is from Disney. Please continue bringing out such wonderful movies every year. 

March 14, 2016

The Writing Desk: How To Be A Writer When You Have A Full Time Job

I guess from the serious irregularity of posts on my blog, you guys realized that I had become so caught up with life that I didn’t get time to write a single blog post. The publishing house where I work, the boss keeps telling me I need to make time to write, and that I ought to schedule times in the week when I ought to just write down the blog posts. Another mutual friend believes that I don’t take my blog seriously enough.

Well, I do take my blog seriously. However, given the distance I have to travel every day and saddled with a job that makes me work from Monday to Saturday, it gets a little difficult. Writing is not something like managing social media. I’m sorry Mr. Hemingway, but I cannot just suddenly look at the clock decide it’s time to write, so I’ll sit and bleed at the typewriter. I agree that writing is somewhere between torture and fun, and honestly, had money not been the issue I’d have gladly rented out a room to sit and write.

Anyway, instead of being passive aggressive, I decided the best way to solve my little writing problem was to make sure I find a way out of this routine. I have always believed no matter what big a mess you get into, there’s always, always a way out.

In today’s world, writing is a rather difficult career to pursue. Because not only do you have to write your stories, but have to be the one selling it to your readers. So, hello, Social Media! I’m almost embarrassed to admit the number of social media platforms I’m part of and pretty active on. Trying to juggle that with work, and not be a loser without a life is pretty difficult. But you have to keep reminding yourself that you did not come this far to only come this far. That’s what I do, anyway.

I also realize I haven’t been writing down advice about how to get on with your writing problem. So you have a job and you need to figure out what time would be the best to fit in your writing. 

Here are 5 rules that I’ve made for myself:

1.    Do NOT write stories/novels in the office: Writing a blog post is different than writing a story. You have to keep so many points in mind, to avoid writing yourself into a plot hole. Also, people will come up to you and talk to you. Or ask you about some important work. You cannot expect them to understand that even a second of distraction, could make all that hard work go to waste. Instead write 500 word blog posts in your spare time at office. Those will be easier to proofread and edit, even if you have to leave off writing mid way to go tend to some work. 

2.    Go to sleep early, Wake up early: My mother has been telling me for years that it is a far better idea to wake up early and work, than to burn the midnight oil. I’ve only recently realized how true that is. Even though I still sleep late sometimes, when I wake up early, I am able to log 2,000 words before getting to office.

3.    Plan Out Your Story: Learning to create a guideline for writing was one of the best lessons I’ve learned in my journey as an author so far. Because I more or less know what is happening in each chapter of the story, my story seems to come more naturally to me. To be honest, nothing scares me more than the blank paper and having to write that very first line of the story.

4.    Research before, switch off Internet after: Another lesson I learned was learning to research the story in advance. I have notebooks for each of the stories I write, and whatever I think I might need while penning the story, I make handwritten notes for them. I switched off from the internet while writing recently and I noticed I could reach my word count goal twice as fast. Or else I just ended up surfing the net, finding a new tv show and binge watching all 8 seasons at once.

5.    Don’t Stop Writing. Listen to Music While Writing: This last point has two things I have told myself: one, that no matter what happens I would never stop telling stories. I learned to write a long time ago because I didn’t feel comfortable speaking. And the second is that, I would make a playlist for the story I was writing and keep those songs on loop. The music does help to write. Hence, I have such a special bond with my headphones.

These are just 5 things I do in order to write and meet deadlines, because apparently no matter what might be going on in your life you have to meet your novel submission deadlines. J So, I found a way around it to work. There’s a lot of silence in office for the week and I am hoping to use the silence to write more. So much more. Wish me luck, you guys.

*Goes off to select music for her writing projects*.