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Square One

I had accepted it,
I had moved on...
I had finally made my peace
and finally made myself believe
That is was really over
And you were never coming back
That our story was over,
That chapter was closed
We were done.

Then I ran into you,
And I ran away...
I guess I hurt you again,
And so you forced open the book,
Re-read the story of us
Couldn't believe what happened,
And wondered why it all went wrong.

The act fell away, I did bother you
And so you bothered me back.
In an email wondering aloud all those things
You never thought of telling me,
When I was right in front of you
Or at the other end of the line.
Even when you'd been mine.
You only thought of it,
When in your presence I couldn't stay.
I wouldn't look at you and only run away.

So the mail drove me crazy,
And I wondered to myself, "Why now?"
A small voice in my head said,
"Maybe there's hope left yet..."
Yeah, I should've known better that.
I fell back to the place I'd finally c…

Begin Again...

I remember cursing you,
I remember cursing your name.
In the middle of the night.
Sometimes at 2am.
And when I stumbled through
This tiring day,
I finally saw things your way.
I know it's not easy.
Not for you and me.
I don't know whether you lost a friend,
But I certainly did.
Some times when I think back,
I remember acting like a little kid.
But like a wise person told me,
Keep the memories, forget the person.
Hard to do that at times.
But I'm learning.
Don't expect me to talk to you now
Or even look in your direction
If our paths do cross.
Because I'm done walking that path.
I'm still learning how to breathe again.
They said, "Never blame a new love
for things an old one did,"
And believe me, I try not to.
But you keep popping into my head,
When I least expect it.
Your smile haunts me wherever I'm at.
And when he asks me, "What are you
thinking now?"
I fake a smile and say, "Nothing special."
I remember you, I know you know…

Cinderella's Story

I feel like her,
Cinderella.You know.
That girl from the fairy tale.
The one who was abandoned,
When her mother died.
But I don't feel abandoned,
I just feel the way she felt
Sitting in that dark, cold,
Dusty cellar.
Wondering where Prince Charming
Was at.

Fairy Godmother.
No, in my life they are
Because they come in various

Friends, Sister and of course,
Helping me through thick and thin.
And I am still wondering,
Where is that idiot.
Who's supposed to come charging through,
Riding on his white horse.

Have I already met him?
Or is he merely a dream?
Is his number already stored
In my phone
and does he quietly and secretly,
Stalk my profile on Facebook?

And do we keep checking the times
on our Whatsapp messengers,
To see when we'd last been online?

Poor Cinderella,
She didn't have these gadgets
To lead her to her Prince Charming.
But years later,
I can still understand
The agony she went through.
As she waited.
For the Prince to come.

Coward, Face It Now!

How long are you going to make excuse,
Runaway from me?
How much longer will it take for you to
know there's no escape?

Coward, face it now.
You've always been in love with me.
It was your ego
That has pushed you away
Far, far away
From within my reach.

Every time we meet,
I fake a smile so you don't see.
How much you've come to mean to me.

And every time I set my eyes on you,
Something like a fire begins to burn,
And it kills me that you're not even concerned
About what you can do with just one
Very, heartwarming smile.

Coward, face it now.
You cannot escape from the truth
No one made you that deal.
Eventually the truth is going to have to come
Out. It's either this way or that.

I don't want to hang in the middle ground.
Because I've been here before,
And I so knew that this is more,
Than a teenage girl's whimsical fancy
To find out,
What happens if she takes a chance.

Coward, face ME now.
Tell ME to my FACE,
What you told me in a text.

Answer Me!

“The wait is long, my dream of you does not end.”
― Nuala O'Faolain,My Dream of You 

Today,  Finally I shall come to know Which ways this hopeless crush is going to go.
The wait was bitter, long and hard and  How I wish I'd been more smart.
I can keep saying Don't go breaking my heart But I have a feeling You knew this would happen From the very start.
I appreciate the courage That it takes, To tell someone You've been in love with them Secretly and silently, And trying to move on.
Yet wishing, deep inside, For everything to go wrong. So you could go running back, To when it was just me and you.
I've never hugged you, Shaken your hand  Or even had looked you straight in the eye. But now I can no longer lie.
I've loved you, And I still love you. It's time now. For you to decide, Whether you love me too.

What's it gonna be?

Six years.
Haven't I been tortured enough?
Don't you think six years have been a long, long time.
I'm so sorry
But you were never my friend.
Because I cannot be friends with someone
I've had a major crush on
Since the time I was seventeen.

And I remember waiting,
Tirelessly, night after night
Despite knowing you might never come
I would wait by the phone,
Debate whether to call your home
And then I finally caved to your wishes
And got my own phone.

Remember how I'd startled you
With that first text
Out of the blue?
And how you made me keep waiting,
And waiting on you?

Then one day, when I
decided enough was enough
And I moved on.
You came to your senses and said,
"I love u."

I couldn't handle that,
That has always been my bitterest
Deepest regret
Not being able to say 'yes'
Because you've just no clue,
How much I've been in love with you.

I hate the feeling
Of having to had suppressed
The secret crush, and a little love
That I had alw…