Coward, Face It Now!

How long are you going to make excuse,
Runaway from me?
How much longer will it take for you to
know there's no escape?

Coward, face it now.
You've always been in love with me.
It was your ego
That has pushed you away
Far, far away
From within my reach.

Every time we meet,
I fake a smile so you don't see.
How much you've come to mean to me.

And every time I set my eyes on you,
Something like a fire begins to burn,
And it kills me that you're not even concerned
About what you can do with just one
Very, heartwarming smile.

Coward, face it now.
You cannot escape from the truth
No one made you that deal.
Eventually the truth is going to have to come
Out. It's either this way or that.

I don't want to hang in the middle ground.
Because I've been here before,
And I so knew that this is more,
Than a teenage girl's whimsical fancy
To find out,
What happens if she takes a chance.

Coward, face ME now.
Tell ME to my FACE,
What you told me in a text.
At least I had the COURAGE,
To tell you the truth.

It's your turn to do so too,

Time doesn't slow down,
Not for me and you.
So, don't be a coward.
Just face the truth now.


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