Cinderella's Story

I feel like her,
Cinderella.You know.
That girl from the fairy tale.
The one who was abandoned,
When her mother died.
But I don't feel abandoned,
I just feel the way she felt
Sitting in that dark, cold,
Dusty cellar.
Wondering where Prince Charming
Was at.

Fairy Godmother.
No, in my life they are
Because they come in various

Friends, Sister and of course,
Helping me through thick and thin.
And I am still wondering,
Where is that idiot.
Who's supposed to come charging through,
Riding on his white horse.

Have I already met him?
Or is he merely a dream?
Is his number already stored
In my phone
and does he quietly and secretly,
Stalk my profile on Facebook?

And do we keep checking the times
on our Whatsapp messengers,
To see when we'd last been online?

Poor Cinderella,
She didn't have these gadgets
To lead her to her Prince Charming.
But years later,
I can still understand
The agony she went through.
As she waited.
For the Prince to come.
Riding on his white horse.

Oh Cinderella,
If you could see me now.
I wonder what you would say.
What advice could you possibly give me?
Your Fairy Godmother fixed everything
With the wave of a magic wand.
And though I have many helping hands,
I cannot help feeling a little alone.

And in my secret heart,
As I sit before the laptop
(And not the hearth)
I wonder, Cinderella, just like you did
A thousand years ago,
Where the hell is my Prince Charming?
Don't tell me he got stuck up a tree!!!


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