December 19, 2012

Borrowed Memories

Rain, thunder,
Clouds and saying goodbye.
Throughout the times, the days
I know now, they were all
borrowed memories.

Someone else's
I lived through their
time and I
borrowed memories.

Fade, away,
Distant, distance,
Disappear without me,
Forget me forever.

I was nothing but a borrowed memory.

December 17, 2012

This is what Hell feels like....

Five more days to go,
And we'll be even. Two weeks in Hell.
I never thought it would hurt this bad,
Never in my wildest dreams,
Have I imagined to be this sad.
How can you move on,
After throwing my world to the whirlwinds?
How could you go
Breaking my heart, like that?
No matter how many times
The words come tumbling out,
And how many times I squeeze
Out the hate, and loathe from within
How can I deny, there was a time
I'd fallen in love.
The joke, the blame everything
Is finally on me now.
And still somehow,
Despite everything and everyone
Saying otherwise,
Stupid heart refuses to listen.
I was fine, I was doing fine.
Till you came back to say goodbye.
Everything buried, everything I thought
Wouldn't haunt me again,
Came back in an avalanche of memories...
How I wish I could turn back time,
And how you'd never would've stopped being mine.
I wonder why you did come back,
To put me through hell? Really?
I'm getting very comfortable here.
Fading away from life.

December 16, 2012

Once Upon A Time

I'm sorry for all the times I made you cry,
Sorry for all the times I didn't try.
Sorry that I made you stop believing in us.
Sorry...that I kept making such a huge fuss.

Once upon a time, no mistakes ago
You found a little girl sitting alone
She was too scared and you held her hand,
And she let herself go too far...

Then the annoying whispers came
The people around her began to sway her
And she didn't realize she could stand her ground,
She didn't know how much not being with you
Would begin to hurt one day.

The day you finally shut the door on her face
Did she realize,
What her heart had told her to do,
But the mind kept screaming lies.

A part of her hates you,
For not coming around sooner...
A part of her will always loathe herself,
For not realizing what she wanted sooner.

She thought that true love would never give up,
That a month apart couldn't really damage
What had taken almost two years to build.
Tell me, did it mean nothing to you?

Last Valentine's day.
Or are you making new plans with some other fey?
I know she broke your heart,
And you probably can't trust her with it again.
But why do you keep forgetting, she's not like the other women?

Or have you fallen head over heels
For someone else,
Who makes you believe your thing is real?

I wonder how many times she's scream
"I'm sorry"
How many more times she will apologize,
How many times do you want her to break,
Before you let her realize the truth...?

You don't want her back, EVER,
Because you have move on.
And a part of her could never believe
You would really be gone.

She's being punished enough,
She's so tired of crying.
So should she still love you
Or should she die trying?

Look at picture,
Embossed and kept safe.
Do you still have your copy?
Or did you delete them?
Like you deleted her, from your life.

Is there any point in hoping,
That one day things will be right?
Or should she quietly fade,
Away in oblivion.

Trust me,
She tried to hate you.
She tried to vent her anger on you.
But being nice to her is only leading her on,
You have to be cruel to be kind.

Tell me that you don't love me,
Tell me you never will again.
Tell me you never loved me,
And I'll say "I'm sorry", and
leave you...again.

I love you.
I don't know why I never said it before.
It's not rocket science,
Just tell me if you love me too.

I could never hate you,
And I'm so tired of being sorry.
Though I know you're probably annoyed with me,
Whatever my mind decides,
My heart won't let you go.

I'm sorry.

Time Stamp

Take a good look at the quote, 
Can you understand what it says?
It is quite simple at the first look -
But deep down inside, is another story.
They never told you the catch in the quote,
The loophole in the prayer;
The unspoken 'time stamp' is always there.

The quote makes me laugh now,
Because the tears simply refuse to come.
And I cackle with the laughter of the maniac 
As my mind swims in the kaleidoscope of memories
Which, surprisingly, never haunted me before.
Because I'd felt too sure,
This would never really end. 
I never thought there would be a 'time stamp' 
When it came to us.

Guess I was wrong.
Even Johnny Depp can be at times.
That's why it is so wrong to pick the second person,
Because they'll only repeat what they do to you now.
The joke would always be on you,
So be cautious and love the person you already have.
Never try to second guess your decisions.
Act on your impulse.
You never know when the 'time stamp' 
Would come to haunt you now, right?

If you really love someone, make sure they know.
Because it is a big mistake to let it all go.
It's a myth: they don't ever come back.
How many times will you let your heart break?
How many times will you cry knowing 
It was never meant to be?

It's better to be with a person who loves you,
Than the one who claims to.
Then turns around and shows you the bloody
'Time Stamp'.

Be wiser now, 
Be smarter now.
The scars of the past
Don't need to haunt the future.
Find the present in your present.
The right person will never, never 
Remind you of the freaking 
'Time Stamp'. 

December 15, 2012

Poem: I Hate You

I hate you with the passion of a thousand burning suns,
And I hate you like I would if I found a vermin under my heels.
You with your little "oh I'm sorry, didn't mean to hurt you" gets me so sad.
It's amazing how one little sentence can get me so mad!
I hate you like the world hates the terrorists,
And I hate you like my cat hates the food we put before him.

Enough with the love poems,
The love songs and the stupid things which we believed
Once upon a time made life so beautiful.
Now we know,
That's just the temporary lapse of sanity.

I hate you now because I used to love you once,
I could see it in your eyes...
"I don't have a girlfriend."
Oh yeah? Shut up, jackass. Don't lie.

I led myself into believing I was a vindictive, horrible person...
And then out of the blue,
I found the courage to tell you the truth.
And now the blame's on you.

So go run and hold your new girlfriend's hand,
While sort through all the things you gave me,
And throw them out of the window.

Remember how I kicked you out of my life?
Well, they can follow you out as well.
Who cares about the past, isn't it?
So everything associated with it can go take a hike.

At least I can sleep in peace now,
Knowing that I hate you.
And you deserve every minute of it!